Sunday, March 29, 2015

Understanding Self Storage Packing and Moving

Whether you're moving across town and need temporary storage or are the proud owner of a classic automobile and need a "showroom," a self storage unit is the perfect place to ensure your belongings are in a secure, climate-controlled facility. Once you have decided to store your valuables, you should have a plan in place to help make the transition is as smooth as possible. Even if you are only moving one item into your self-storage unit, planning ahead is key to a successful, stress-free move. Use this checklist and enjoy a worry-free experience for everyone involved.

Packing for Self Storage:

The best advice is to start packing your belongings as early as possible after you decide to store them. Giving yourself plenty of time to organize and pack will make your entire storing/moving experience more pleasant. Keep in mind these proven tips:

1. Always disassemble any furniture or devices with multiple components. When taking something apart, use clear tape to adhere any nuts, screws or bolts to the area on the item where it came from, to ensure easy re-assembly later.

2. Label everything. Place items into boxes with other like items and label the box according to which room they came from. For example, a blender, toaster and mixer would go into the same box labeled "Kitchen: Small Appliances." If you're moving, labeling by room will ensure the boxes go to the correct room in your new home-and will save you time (and headaches!) after the move when you're staring at 20 boxes! Listing the contents as you put them in will also eliminate lost or misplaced items.

3. Mark boxes as "fragile," "heavy" or "easily stained" (for clothing or fabric items) in addition to content labeling. Also consider weighing each box, which will help in the actual moving process later.

4. Pack breakable, fragile items in Styrofoam peanuts, newspaper or bubble wrap.

Moving and Your Belongings:

Actually moving your belongings into your self storage unit requires the same planning you put into packing. You also need to be mindful of the potential physical strain involved in moving many heavy items so look for a storage facility that offers hand-trucks and elevators to save yourself the backache! The following four guidelines will help ensure a safe, efficient moving process:

1. Bring a bag filled with packing supplies (tape, markers and extra bubble wrap) as a self-storage emergency kit. Some of the more modern self storage facilities sell merchandise onsite, which can save you in case of a 'bubble wrap emergency.' Having to drive back home to get more bubble wrap once you're already at the self storage facility is annoying and time consuming.

2. Don't over stuff your boxes. Lighter boxes are easier to load and unload. Additionally, heavier boxes can break and you don't want to lose an item due to a inadequate box. Many self storage facilities will offer particular boxes for particular uses, such as for electronic equipment, etc. Use these specialty boxes for maximum protection.

3. Use hand-trucks and pallets for moving in and out. These items are usually offered free of charge at the more modern self storage facilities. Make sure you'll be able to use these items on move-in day.

4. Pack your unit wisely. Pack your less used items in the back of your storage unit and keep the items that you know you'll need more frequently up front. Also, remember, there are ways to maximize your unit's space. For instance, to save on floor space, turn a sofa on its end (storing vertically).

Now that you know the Dos and Don'ts of self storage preparation and moving, you can begin the process. If you have any questions or concerns beforehand, speak with a self storage professional, or read additional self storage FAQs. Planning your move and choosing a self storage facility that's staffed with professionals will help ensure a positive experience.

Mr. Kleindienst is a self storage company executive. He works for Safeguard Self Storage, which offers consumers the ability to reserve a self storage unit at various self storage facility locations.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cheap Self Storage Options While Renovating

Many people put off necessary household renovations because of the disruption caused to the family. After all, it's such a hassle! The furniture has to be moved and covered. Expensive and precious items have to be boxed up. Everything is in a shambles and the renovations usually take twice as long as you'd expected, leading to frayed tempers or worse. But there are some sensible answers to these problems that you might not have thought about.

One way to make renovating your home easier is to store larger household items and boxes of precious ornaments in a temporary location. Cheap self storage units are an ideal answer. Self storage units are an affordable option, meaning you can keep your household furniture and other items safe and secure while you get on with the important task of redecorating.

Those who offer self storage units provide a service that is secure and low cost as well as being a great way to make your life simpler during times when you need a bit of extra space. The units are secure, clean and convenient - not to mention great value for money. When you're redecorating, there are many items that can be stored away from the home because they are not used on a daily or even weekly basis. For example, parents are often redecorating after the kids have left home. But even though the kids have gone, many of their possessions are still piled up in their old bedrooms. These items are ideal candidates for keeping in cheap self storage units while renovations are carried out.

You may also have an array of special items that personalise your living space, such as collections, sentimental items, art work and other decorative items. These items are an important part of our lives, but they are dispensable on a short term basis while the living area is being redecorated. Putting them in a facility such as a cheap self storage unit is the perfect way to make sure your treasured items don't get damaged or marked while your home is undergoing its transformation.

Some people cope with renovations by piling all their furniture and boxed items into the garage. Although this might seem like a quick and easy answer, there is no guarantee that your precious items will be kept safe and sound there. Many garages are damp and leaky and others are home to unwanted pests. To be sure that your possessions stay dry and secure while you renovate your home, you can't go wrong with a cheap self storage unit.

Guardian Self Storage is a provider of clean, safe, flexible and affordable self storage options for all your personal and business storage needs.
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Railroad Ave Self Storage Special Offers!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Thinking About Relocation? Think Self Storage!

There is a lot of truth in the saying that in life, if there is one thing that is constant, it is change. This cannot be truer when we talk of relocation. With so many people making urban America their home, the amount of change that is happening around us is amazing. For instance, space available in every home is decreasing. Not only are we finding ourselves in newer homes with smaller interior spaces, we are also finding ourselves in changed and more crowded environments! Gone are the days when families enjoyed the luxuries of a backyard, a spacious attic, or a spare room where everything from a baby cot to old trophies won in school baseball matches could be treasured and stored.  Be that as it may, if every problem has a solution, shortage of storage space has one too!

Enter self-storage; a boon for families, individuals or even offices, which are relocating to a new city or a new home and find no safe space to keep their important goods, memorabilia, furniture and more. The concept of self-storage has met with unprecedented success all across urban America where people are even storing heavy winter garments, ski equipment, etc., because there is hardly any space in the cupboard or elsewhere! Self storage is not just a viable option when you are relocating but also when you want to remove the existing clutter in your home and live more comfortably with more leg space. Then there are goods which you do not need round the year like a Christmas tree, boats and more. Self-storage is a blessing for such causes.

Since self-storage is a great option during relocation, you might consider this as you plan for the moving process. But, before you starting hunting for a storage facility that is conveniently located and suitably priced, there is a lot of planning which is needed. Here are some guidelines to help you get started:

1. Make a list of the items you wish to put in a self-storage unit. The volume of goods would tell you about the volume of space you need and this entails cost.

2. Hunt out for the most suitable self-storage unit that is not only conveniently located by affordable also. An unit with a good height is considered good, because it helps you stack boxes one on top of another, instead of occupying huge floor space (think cost).

3. Adequate research should be done on storage companies before you finalize any deal. Ask them about discounts for long term storage, discount against cash advance payment, etc. Since competition amongst storage companies is high, chances are that you could get a good price.

4. Visit the premises personally to have a first-hand idea of the space you are renting. After all, you would be keeping some valuables in such a storage facility.

5. Check out on the security measures the unit has. These days there are 24-hour surveillance facilities installed in most units with CCTVs, password activated entries and more.

6. Talk to the storage company about insurance coverage of the storage space that you are hiring. Check whether they are offering you any insurance coverage or whether you have to talk to your own insurance company 7. Make a storage plan and store your goods accordingly. Store the items which would be needed first close at hand and stored last.

7. Keep in mind that certain goods like carpets, books and furniture might need special packing before they are put away in storage.

8. Check whether the storage unit has regular pest control schedules. There is hardly any point in storing your goods only to be eaten away by termites or damaged due to faulty packing.

As you can see, self-storage takes the headache out of space shortage. So if you are relocating to a new home in a new city which has lesser space, do not worry. Self-storage is there to help you ease your storage problems!

Drew Mers provides advertising advice to City Closet Self Storage and Moving, which rents storage throughout New York and New Jersey.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why All Students Should Be Using Self Storage

Being a student naturally means you have to move house fairly often. In their first year, the majority of residential students are placed into University Halls of Residence, but come the summertime, they are often not allowed to stay. Universities often use the halls for accommodation for their own conferences or events over the summer break, meaning most students will be asked to move out as soon as the term is over.

Moving everything back to Mums can be a drag. Undoubtedly you will have collected a number of things over the course of your first year, and that car load you came down with has probably expanded into two or even three loads by the time you have to move out. Not only that, but moving from halls is just the start of it. Eight to ten weeks later and you'll just have to move it all back again.

What should students do?

There are really only three options available to the student who has been given notice on their rooms for the summer.

Move straight to the accommodation they will be using next term

Sounds like a good idea; simply hire a van and move straight into your new student house - right? However, if you are not planning to stay in your University town for the summer holiday, then you face the prospect of paying full rent on your room while you are living somewhere else. Some landlords offer a 'retainer', which is basically reduced rent, but even this can work out very expensive compared to some other options. Not only that, but you are leaving your worldly possessions in an empty house for several weeks, leaving it open to theft and damage.

Move everything back to Mums

If you are going back to your parents' home over the summer, you could consider moving all your stuff back with you too. But what if it doesn't all fit in your car? Or if you don't have a car, what about the things Dad can't fit in his? Not only that, but in a few weeks' time you'll be faced with the prospect of moving it all back again, which seems a bit daft to say the least!

Put things in self storage

Self storage is an often overlooked facility in the student world. Storage units can be as small as a locker or as big as a warehouse, and are generally a lot cheaper than you might think. You can choose to just store your textbooks in the unit, or you can store everything for your room.. Many companies who have storage facilities in university towns already realise the benefits storage can bring to a student's summer, and therefore offer discounted rates for them around this time of year.

If you're a student faced with the prospect of clearing out of your accommodation for the summer, and don't know what to do, then do investigate the self-storage options around your university. Storing your stuff makes sense financially, practically and will keep everything safe for the summer. If you don't have access to a car or van to move your belongings remember that some storage companies do collection and delivery for you.

The author has written and published articles on a range of topics related to our home environment including moving home, storage companies do collection and deliveryage, decluttering, space in new homes, doing your own housere movals and the use of self-storage options to help us organise our possessions.
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Benefits Of Self Storage For Home And Business Users

Self storage is used by home owners and business owners. It benefits both of them though they have different reasons to opt for renting a storage unit.

Home Owners

Keeping things that are not used consume space. You can free up the space at your home if you rent out a storage unit and shift your items to it. Or you can plan to rent space at a storage unit if you have things that you can not store at your home. If you use self storage, you can utilize space fully at your home and yet retain your belongings. One common benefit for both business and home owners of using self storage is reduction of clutter and create free space.

As the self storage units are maintained by professional businesses, the security at these places is much better than our homes. They use alarms, CCTV cameras, secure gates and fences etc. We do not normally have these security features at homes. So, items kept in storage units are much safer.

Many of us are fans of things like vintage cars, ski boats etc. If you keep them at home they occupy lot of space. This will create a big problem if you do not have enough room to keep those items. Keeping these items in a self storage unit will not only free up space but will also protect them from weather conditions. So is the case with items like paintings, collectibles, important documents etc. They will be saved from mold and mildew at storage units.

In a situation like divorce, one partner has to leave to the house with a few belongings suddenly. Self storage is very useful in those situations. If you need to store your car, you can think of self storage instead of garage. Customers in this case are generally emotional. The storage employees are well trained to deal with the such customers.

Business Owners

Irrespective of size of the business, businesses require storage. You may need self storage to warehouse your products so that you can get them quickly when you need them. You can simply extend the amount of space when you want. You may even use it as a distribution point for your sales guys.

Office space is generally more expensive. So you need to utilize the space to the maximum. Things like unused furniture, excessive equipment, files and papers which are not used frequently consume some space at office. Keeping such things in a storage would create more space that can be utilized at your office.

Self storage units allows access to you and to a few other persons who are authorized by you. As the access is very convenient and easy, it will be like an extension of your office.

In some businesses, business owners may need to keep certain documents for a certain period as per the law. Keeping those documents would consume lots of office space. These documents can be stored in self storage as they are not accessed frequently. Similarly unused office equipment that you may not want to dispose of immediately can be kept in self storage.

For more information on Self Storage visit
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Moving Supplies Available at Railroad Ave Self Storage!

For your convenience BOXES and MOVING SUPPLIES are available for purchase in our office.
Carts and dollies are FREE to use within the premises.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How To Choose The Size Of A Self Storage Unit

Choosing a self storage unit can be a daunting task and needs to be looked into minutely as your household goods and precious items need a proper storage space. There are many reasons why people need a self storage facility but moving, relocation, death in the family and inheritance can lead to a requirement of a safe, secure unit where you can just stack the extra items while you also have the freedom to access it anytime you want to.

There are a variety of self storage units available and most people tend to over estimate and get bigger units that they actually need. There are a few points that should be kept in mind, before signing the lease of a storage unit such as:

- Do you actually require a climate controlled unit for the things that you are planning to store?

- What is the actual size of a storage unit that you need?

- Is the place secure?

- Have you looked up the conditions and agreement before you lease?

You need to be sure of the size the size of the self storage facility that should be rented. As there are a variety of self storage units in different sizes available to suit each personal and commercial requirement, knowing about each one is essential for you to plan in advance. We recommend that you go room to room or in any case write up an inventory of the items you want to store. For large items you want to put into a self storage unit, measure the height and width for accuracy. If you are storing a large amount of items such as furniture, drawing up a floor plan with measurements will help you to decide on exactly the right size of self storage unit for your needs.

The following is a guide to the sizes of self storage units and how much each type of unit can usually store:

1. The smallest is the 5x5 unit which is about the size of small bathroom and can hold about 30 file size boxes on shelves. It can also accommodate a few chairs and miscellaneous items.

2. The next is the 5x10 which is about the size of a large closet. The size is perfect to contain 1 room's furniture or 84 file boxes without shelves.

3. The 5x15 self storage units is about the size of a walk in closet and is able to hold about three rooms of furniture but if you intend using only boxes then it will have about 130 file size storage boxes without shelves.

4. The 10x10 storage units are the size of a middle sized bedroom and are able to hold furniture of nearly 4 rooms along with miscellaneous items. You can either store 108 files on shelves or 168 boxes without shelves.

5. The 10x15 is a small garage sized storage unit has the capacity to hold 5 room's of furniture or 295 file size boxes without shelves.

6. One of the bigger units is the 10x20 which is about the size of a car garage. It can hold the furniture of a 2 bedroom house without the small appliances or other items. You can also store about 379 file boxes without shelves.

7. The 10 x25 storage unit is perfect for storing the goods of a 2-3 bedroom home or 504 file size boxes without aisles.

8. The 10 x 30 units is a huge space about the size of a 1.5 garage which can easily accommodate the contents of a 3 bedroom home along with all the miscellaneous items.

If after reading the above guide, you are still unsure of what your self storage unit size should be - take your inventory with you and ask for the assistance of the personnel at your chosen storage company.

Jason Kay recommends that you find self storage units at, where you can easily choose the right self storage, mobile storage, or RV storage solution for you.
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Choose a Self Storage?

The facility of self storage is being utilized by a good number of people- not only by those who Relocate from one place to other but by many others like those who want to create extra space in their homes. Offices too use these self storage for keeping their documents and other records. However, when it comes to selecting a proper self storage, most of the people find themselves puzzled. Lets analyze the points to consider when choosing a self storage.

  • First of all, decide whether to go for a self storage or not? If you are moving temporarily, for say a couple of months, it is wise to store your belongings so that you will not have to spend a fortune to buy everything when you come back. However, if you are going away for a year and more than that, the cost of self storage should be considered prudentially. Think twice about whether it is beneficial to sell the things away and buy new ones when you come back or storing the things by paying a good amount of money?
  • The location of self storage should be decided carefully. If you are not moving and just keeping away certain belongings in the storage that you might need frequently, a self storage nearer to your place is ideal. However, if you are going away and relocating in other city or country, location will not matter so much. You can then go for the best deal after comparing the quotes of various self storage companies.
  • Size matters, in case of self storage too. Take an estimate of the things you are going to store and have opinion from someone who can guide you about the space required for storing away the things.
  • Next decide whether you should go for regular self storage or do you need climate controlled storage? Generally climate controlled storage units are more expensive  as the storage facilities have to spend a lot on equipment for maintaining temperature and humidity. However, if you have valuable things like antiques or artworks, you might not be uncomfortable paying more charges.
  • Always find out the security provisions of self storage facility. While you are away, you must remain assured about the safety of your precious belongings. Read more about security and other aspects of self storage

Deepa RC recommends reading more about relocation at, the comprehensive directory of movers and packers companies and also a great resource for those moving into their new homes. It contains useful tips and information about the whole relocation process making it easier for everyone to relocate and settle down comfortably at their new destination.
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Self Storage is Practical and Economical

Moving can be very stressful especially when you are not sure where you are moving to. You may be faced with a situation where you must be out of your house or an apartment by a specific date but you have not found a new residence yet. This can prove to be a very stressful situation where thought of where you are going to put all of your stuff may enter your head. It may be easier to deal with finding a temporary residence, but you may be wondering where you are going to put all of your furniture and other big items that you don't want to move into a temporary spot.

Self storage is a great way to secure all of your belongings while looking for a permanent place of residence. You can store your furniture and items for as long as you wish so that you won't have to worry how and by what time you have to find a new residence. Self storage provides your furniture and "stuff" with a safe home until you are able to find a more permanent place for your items. Self storage is not only inexpensive but it also allows you to move on your own time. If you have some great furniture but it won't fit in your new house or apartment, you can utilize the storage facilities when determining what to further do in your situation.

There are many uses for self storages such as for storage of additional inventory that you are planning to sell in the future. Therefore if you are presented with a good deal on inventory, but space is limited you might want to look into renting a self storage space so that you can take advantage of this great offer. Usually self storage units are renting in terms of months, which can provide for flexibility. You can also get self storage units for a year length in contact if you know that you will be using the storage space permanently. Self storage also comes in very handy if you have to move overseas or to a different region of the country for a specific amount of time.

This way all of your valuable will be kept safe and out of harms way will you are away as well. Then when you complete your time aboard you can come back to all of your belongings without having to pay and arm and a leg to get them shipped back and forth. With self storage you will be saving a tremendous amount of money because you will be doing the work by yourself. This also allows you access to your self storage unit whenever you like. Lawyers and doctors alike use self storage units to store some of their files, since they can access them whenever they like. Whatever your situation is, utilizing a self storage unit is not only practical but it will save you a significant amount of money as well as time and effort.

Yossel Ryall discussing about Self Storage to the people, who are selling or renting their houses, moving abroad, need to store seasonal items or just simply need more space. guarantee for cheap Self Storage price locally.
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