Sunday, February 28, 2016

5 Things You Didn't Know About Self Storage Space

Self storage is not only about finding a good storage company that is not only easily accessible but also reasonably priced. Those are only the surface nitty gritty that you need to sort out. There are actually a lot more things that you may not yet know about self storage space.

Keep the expensive ones out of reach and sight

A rule of thumb is that you should keep all your expensive things in your self storage unit out of reach so as to avoid damaging them accidentally. Always try to store your expensive items at the back of the self storage unit. Not only will you reduce the chances of damaging them, you also minimise their exposure to others when they happen to pass by your storage unit and peep in. Although most self storage units are rather secured and have privacy shields, it makes no harm to play safe.

Use clear storage containers and bags

Many of us simply use the cheap and widely available black trash bags to dump all of the things we seldom use and store them in self storage units. When the time comes for us to retrieve something, we often will go bonkers when trying to find the item. Consider using the slightly more expensive but transparent storage bags that are by the way thicker and more durable. When the time comes to get something out, you'll be smirking and giving yourself a pat in the back.

Take them apart

Furniture is a common item found in many self storage units and one common mistake is that people simply store an entire dining table for example without taking them apart. This not only take up excess space but also increase the storage cost. Many furniture can actually be taken apart such as bed frames, closets and tables. You are then able to pack them tightly together and free up excess space and lower storage cost.


Prolonged storage of items inside a self storage unit can lead to unwanted odour and damages to your items due to moisture. One simple tip is to purchase dehumidifier made of charcoal. They not only absorb moisture in the air to keep your things nice and dry, they also remove unwanted odour from the surroundings.

Moth balls

Moth balls are dreaded by many mainly due to its unpleasant smell. However, they are a saviour to you when you want to prevent insects from going near your items. They are especially useful in preventing moths from damaging your apparels.

When you are using self storage, you need to consider both internal and external factors for the most ideal storage experience. Self storage is not simply about getting a space and dumping all your unwanted things there.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Self Storage Tips For Storing And Moving Tasks

No matter how well you manage your home or office space, chances are that you have some goods that unnecessarily take up valuable space in your home or office. To handle this situation better, you can check out the self storage facilities in your neighborhood and remove the clutter from your home or office. Once you hire a storage unit, the next important task is to utilize the entire space being offered to you. This article gives some important packing and moving tips so that your goods remain completely safe in the storehouse facility.

Packing And Moving Tips Before Moving Your Goods To Self Storage Facility

* Always visit the facility in person and check the exact size of the unit. Also, by consulting the storehouse manager you can get the exact idea of how you can best utilize the available size. If you are still doubtful about the size of the unit, prepare a list of items that are to be stored inside the storage units and take the advice of storehouse professionals on the correct size of the unit that you should opt for.

* Always buy good quality sturdy packing boxes and other packing materials. Also, if you buy boxes of similar sizes, they would be easier to stack and provide more safety to the goods stored.

* Also, check with the self storage facility for the prohibited goods that are not allowed to be stored inside the units.

* It is also important to check the approach to the facility. This would help in deciding the size of the moving truck that you will require to hire.

* Before moving or packing of goods for self storage units, make a plan as to how you are going to arrange your goods inside the unit. This would save a lot of time as you would not require rearranging the goods. Also, leave out a space in the center of the unit so that it becomes easy to move around while accessing the goods.

* If you are going to store your vehicles in car storage or RV storage, do all the required servicing before moving them into a self storage facility. In case of boat storage, check for the exact dimensions of the unit before moving your boat there and if you feel that the back and forth movement of the boat inside the unit is a bit difficult, go for a slightly larger unit.

* When you complete filling up the boxes and labeling them on all the sides, you can also number them. You should also prepare a list of goods stored in each box according to the number.

* For easy access and safety of your goods, always store frequently used boxes in front of the warehouse unit.

* For furniture storage unit, pack all your furniture properly. Whenever possible, dissemble the larger items such as bed, tables etc. Try to leave out small walk-ways between the furniture items, as the furniture pieces would be quite heavy and difficult to move around.

* Treat all your metal goods such as bicycles, skiing sets, cabinets etc. with rust protector before storing them inside garage storage unit.

* Place labels or stickers on each of the items after packing them.

Finalizing the self storage location for storing your goods is not the final job. For the safety of your goods, it is also necessary to pack them properly. Use the above tips for effective storehouse usage.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Storage Facilities and You - Choosing the Right Unit

People turn to storage facilities to store their belongings for all sorts of reasons. Some are looking for a long-term facility to house their property while others are looking for a short-term one. If you are looking for a place then you need to choose the right one for your stuff. There are plenty of facilities around so it is in your best interests to find out what each one has to offer you.

Once you have some names of storage companies call them up to inquire about their rates, the size of their units, their location and what security features they have to offer you. It might be an even better idea to drop by and speak with someone at the business. Face-to-face contact can help you to get a feel for the person you are dealing with as well as the company at large.

Before you make your choice in regards to the facilities you have visited you should know how much security is found at the storage unit, as well as the amount of access you would have to yours. You should also know (and hopefully have seen with your own eyes) the size of the units in order to determine if they would be accommodating to your possessions. You should also know if the units are cleaned, well-maintained and whether they are heated or not. If pests are a worry of yours then you need to find out what features are in place in regards to pest control. You also should learn long you can rent the unit for. Finally, you do not want any hidden surprises in the contract which is why you need to find out everything about the area before you sign the contract.

Some facilities offer their customers more than one size of unit to choose from. You have to be clear with yourself about how much room you really need. In the same way you have to ask yourself how fragile and delicate your belongings are and how worried you will be about the condition of them when they are at the company. Be as realistic with yourself as possible about every aspect of the storage situation. Will you be dropping by at random to take items out of the space and to add new ones or will your possessions remain in place without you showing up until they are moved to a more permanent location?

The more answers you have in regards to what you will require for storage the better able you will be to communicate this to the contact person you deal with at the company. To choose the most appropriate facility you need to know what it is that is most essential to you.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Storage Units for You

Whether you are moving or if you just have too much stuff in your home, you may benefit from storage units. These small rooms are usually fenced and locked so that your belongings are secure. They are good for personal belongings or businesses and can be rented by the month or by the year, depending on the reason you need it. There are several different types available for your needs.

One of the options you have for your belongings are self-storage units. These are perfect for you if you are a small business or residence. These can vary in size from 10'x5' to 20'x20' do not have windows and are usually made of concrete walls and metal roofs. You can provide your own locks and get them anytime you need. The security features include gates that open automatically with a code, motion detectors, alarms, and cameras. They are usually found in urban areas.

Another type of storage unit are climate-controlled. These are just like self-storage units as far as the size and security features. However, you cannot always access them because they may have an attendant who is not on premises overnight. The difference between climate-controlled and self-storage is that they are usually in buildings that are several stories that are accessed by elevators and loading docks. You can store things like furniture, musical instruments, and antiques that can get ruined if not controlled by heating and air conditioning. These units typically cost a little more to rent.

You can also rent portable storage units. These vary in size and are usually trailer units that can be moved to different locations. These are usually used for businesses that have an overflow of belongings or for someone who is moving and needs the storage space on premises so that they can pack it easier. When ready to move, they are loaded onto a truck and transported to a new location.

Finally, you may need storage units for larger property items such as boats, rv's, or cars. These may be needed to protect them from the hot sun or the cold and icy winter. These are usually numbered spaces in a large building where you would park this vehicle.

All storage units do have some rules that you need to follow if you want to use them. You should not store hazardous materials or items that may perish. You also should not allow people or your pets to stay in them. If you are found to not be following the rules, your stuff will likely be kicked out and issued a fine, depend on what the contract says. Also, if you quit paying rent your stuff may be sold in auction to the public.

No matter what you need storage for, there are units available for you. Having your possessions stored away while you are in the process of moving will make your moving day much easier.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Railroad Ave Self-Storage FAQ

Are there any restrictions to the length of stay?

We have a month-to-month rental agreement with a one month minimum.

When do I have access to my storage unit? 

7 days a week, 365 days a year, 7am to 7pm.

What type of security does your facility have?

Controlled keypad gate access, video surveillance cameras, on-site resident manager, and well lit facility.

Do you offer Boat & RV Storage? 

Yes, we have a paved Boat & RV parking area that is well lit with separate keypad access.

Are my items in storage insured? 

We do not provide insurance for your possessions; however insurance is available and recommended.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

How to Store Large Pieces of Furniture in a Self Storage Facility

Storing large pieces of furniture in a self storage facility helps to save space at home. Moving large furniture is a tricky process and careful planning and preparation is required in order to prevent accidental damages. In this article, we will be discussing about some storage tips on how best to store large pieces of furniture in a self storage facility.

Break it down into smaller pieces

Break down every piece of furniture into their smallest possible form. This will save up a lot of space and allow you to pack flat. Furniture is often in odd-shapes to add to their aesthetic outlook. However, it is an inefficient usage of space. Remember to label each piece of dismantled furniture for easy reattachment in future when required. Try to store all the bolts, nuts and screws in a clear ziploc bag.

Store fabric items separately

Especially for sofas and mattresses, store the fabric items separately. Cushions can be kept inside black garbage bags. Mattresses, on the other hand, are huge and you should use a cling wrap to cover the entire surface. These protective methods prevent pests, moisture and dust from penetrating which will damage the cotton fibres.

Clean and polish wooden surfaces

Prior to storage, wooden furniture needs to be cleaned and polished to protect it from environmental damages. Use a damp cloth to remove all existing dirt and grime and follow up with a nice polish. Wood polishes are hydrophobic, they would repel water and this will prevent the wooden fibres from being damaged due to any moisture in the self storage unit.

Cover the furniture with sheets

Once everything mentioned above is done, the final step is to cover your furniture is large sheets of cloth. This is similar to movie scenes where you see large white sheets of fabric covering furniture in an abandoned house. The fabric prevents direct contact with dust, dirt and especially insect droppings. Insect droppings are usually acidic and can leave a permanent stain on your wooden surface and damaging it.

Storing large pieces of furniture is often a daunting task that is shunned by many. People are put off by their sheer size, but it would save you quite a fair bit of time and money as long as you know how to store your furniture.

By following the steps mentioned above, you would be able to maximise your storage unit space and prevent damages to your items, reducing the need for hefty repairs.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Selecting the Right Self Storage Facility

No matter whether you are using self storage for your own personal storage or business needs, you need to take time to select to right self storage facility. Selecting a self storage facility is for at least a month but most people will store for at least 6 months. Getting the right self storage facility will make your experience a nice one but a wrong one can create hell for you. So how do you go about selecting the right self storage facility for your needs?

How frequent do you access the unit

Frequency of you accessing the storage unit is an important criterion in selecting a facility. If you access it on a daily basis, you need one that is either located in a convenient place or one that is close to you. If you hardly visit the unit, location does not matter that much.

Knowing the storage unit sizes available

You want the storage company to accommodate to your needs and not you having to accommodate to them. What's the point of you trying to suit them when you are paying their salary? If you have a container of items to store and the storage unit is unable to fit them in, resulting in the need to split into 2 separate units, there's really no point in doing so. There are other storage companies with better facilities vying for your business.

Value for money or money?

Some people look at value for money packages while some look at money on its own. No matter what, you cannot have the best of both worlds. The cheapest rent will often mean that you are losing out in one way or another be it security or facilities available. A wise customer will always make sure he gets the most value for money deal.

Presence of an on-site manager

Believe it or not, the presence of an on-site manager matters a lot in the decision to select a storage facility. You want someone representing the company who is experienced and when things goes wrong, remedial actions can be put in place almost immediately. You do not want to have items missing from your unit and no one senior is around to attend to you.

There are so many factors involved when you are selecting your self storage facility. As a paying customer, you have the right to slowly pick and choose from so many companies out there but you also must know what you are selecting as well.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Some Friendly Help for Finding the Right Self Storage Unit

Secure Self Storage Units

Whether your moving to a new home or simply have an overcrowded house, chances are you might need a place to store some belongings. Finding a secure self storage unit can sometimes be difficult, so it is best to look around and see which units can best meet one's self storage needs. A person should start the process by first determining how many items need to be stored, as well as how long the items need to be stored for. By determining these factors, a person will save his or herself both time and money. No matter how long the items need to be stored for, there is a self storage unit that can meet the needs of anyone.

Determining an Appropriate Size

By taking inventory of the items that need to be stored in a self storage unit, a person can quickly find the size of unit he or she needs to get. It is always important to allow extra room for items because a person may need to store additional items in the future. It is also important to find the size of the unit needed because this will affect how much the unit will cost. Larger units cost more money. With proper storage bins and boxes, a person can save money with renting a smaller unit due to maximizing the space


A person should always choose to store his or her items in a self storage unit that is at a convenient location. Self storage units are convenient for those people who live in the immediate area, as well as those people who live nearby. Never should a person choose a storage facility that is far away from where the person resides, as this will cause for travel to the facility to become quite costly. Furthermore, it is wise for users of self storage facilities to choose one that allows for access 24-7.

Well Maintained Self Storage

People looking for self storage should make sure to choose a facility that is well-maintained. By taking a few moments at each prospect facility, a person can quickly see if the owner of each facility takes proper care of it. It is always best to take a physical tour of a self storage unit before signing any type of rental contract. Well maintained centers include facilities that have surveillance cameras, on site managers, and ample lighting.

Properly Prepare

Self storage is great to take advantage of. To do so, a person can line the storage room floor with wooden pallets, as this will help keep all stored items from being damaged due to the dust and moisture that may be on the floor.

Think about these tips the next time you purchase a self storage unit and I am sure your experience will be wonderful.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Too Much Stuff? Store It at Railroad Avenue Self Storage!

Too much stuff? Store it safely with Railroad Avenue Self Storage in Fairfield, California. With gated access, multiple unit sizes, and onsite managers, they are sure to have the storage solution that's right for you. And every unit is ground level making drive-up access easier so you can get your belongings when you need them. Contact them today.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Top 5 Breakdown of Items Stored in Self Storage Facilities

Self storage is essentially DIY storage which you yourself have to plan and manage your own storage space. You have full control over how you want to store and using what tools to. Self storage is also very flexible, allowing customers to access their items whenever they need to and have a short rental package that are renewed periodically. Let's take a look at the breakdown of items commonly stored in self storage facilities.


Self storage is used not only for personal items but also for office documents. Office rental rates are soaring and it does not make sense financially to rent additional space in a prime area just for the storage of archive documents. Therefore, more and more small-medium enterprises (SME) are moving their documents to be stored in self storage facilities which offer exactly the same storage flexibility as that of their own office but at a much lower rate.


A house is only so big and storage space for clothes is limited. One popular item stored in self storage is clothes such as thick winter fur coats which are only used occasionally in a year. This is especially so for customers who are living just next to the storage facility, providing those with extreme ease when they need to remove clothes for their own usage.


Cars are another hot item that is stored in self storage facilities. Due to reluctance of exposing your "wife" out to the natural elements, most people choose to store them in a sheltered area that offers security features so that they do not have to worry about break-ins. Without any restrictions to access the car, owners do not need to plan in advance when to use their own cars.

Seasonal decorations

Seasonal decorations such as Christmas trees or Chinese New Year greetings are only used once a year and keeping them in the storeroom for the other 11 months simply does not make sense. Therefore, many people prefer to keep them in self storage facilities together with the rest of their excess items, accessing them only when needed.

Emergency supplies

We can never predict when the next emergency will occur, be it an earthquake, hurricane or even the ongoing haze. Did you manage to get your N95 mask from the retailers during this haze period? How nice it would be if you had your own masks and eye drops stored in a self storage unit. Self storage units are excellent to store emergency supplies and you can immediately access it when something happens.

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