Saturday, August 29, 2015

Finding the Right Self Storage Unit

While businesses utilize self storage facilities for document archives and secure equipment and inventory storage, the first place most people want to de-clutter and organize is their home. Whether it's for ordinary household items or family heirlooms, a modern self storage facility presents many options for secure storage, letting homeowners and renters reclaim their homes, basements and garages!

Because modern self storage facilities provide a multitude of storage options--including various unit sizes and climate-controlled units--the possibilities for what you can store are abundant. Some of the more common personal uses for self storage units include:

- Transition space: As a mid-point space to store items when moving from one house to another.

- Secured environment: Many people use self storage facilities to keep special family items and/or valuable collections safe.

- Seasonal storage: Whether its holiday decorations, off-season clothing or bulky sports equipment like skis, snowboards and surfboards--seasonal items are ideal for out-of-home storage.

- College students: Rather than packing up and hauling a dorm room full of stuff home (especially out of state) many college students opt to store their items near campus.

- Downsizing options: For many people who downsize after retirement, there simply isn't the necessary space to store all belongings in the home.

These are only some of the many personal reasons you may choose the secure, customizable solution provided by a self-storage facility. From more traditional uses, like storing home items while away, to parents storing Christmas gifts away from the prying hands and nosy eyes of little children, renting a self storage unit can ensure a safe, worry and hassle-free storage solution.

Self-storage units can also be a business asset, allowing secure archival of sensitive business documents. Look for self storage facilities that have fire and water proof construction, thereby ensuring that all your essential papers and files will be out of harm's way. When a pipe bursts or an electrical wire sparks in a traditional office building, the results can be catastrophic, leaving business owners saying, "We lost everything." Using a self storage facility to house your most confidential and important business documents ensures that your property will be safe should a flood, fire or accident occur. Beyond file and record storage, a self storage unit can also house overstocked office furniture, supplies and/or inventory. Self storage spaces come in many sizes, from storage for one file cabinet of documents to a room of desks, chairs and cubicle walls.

Popular reasons a business may choose to use a self storage unit include:

- To store old records and archived files.

- As a place for overstock and unused office furniture.

- During a move to a new office space.

- To keep important tax records, receipts and other vital documents.

- To store confidential or sensitive files that could be compromised if not secured.

- As an alternative to an expensive and inconvenient safe, or lock-box.

- To house seasonal and promotional items.

- And many more...

As you can see, both personal and business uses of a self-storage unit are limited only by your imagination. Self storage facilities have many units of varying sizes that can accommodate your customized requests for storage space. The facility's employees can also find a space that resides within your budget. Self storage is perfect for those who don't want a one-size-fits-all solution, and would prefer a personal and enjoyable experience as they store their belongings.

Mr. Kleindienst is a self storage company executive. He has a passion for helping consumers with Georgia (GA) self storage , Illinois (IL) self storage and Louisiana (LA) self storage.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Understanding Self Storage Solutions

With the world moving at an increasingly dizzying pace, people are looking to simplify and de-clutter their lives as much as possible. This trend is illustrated in the popular television shows that help people clean out and organize their belongings. One thing that these shows prove - it seems that it becoming harder for people to manage the space they rent, own or lease. And that's exactly why many are turning to self storage as a solution.

Whether you're looking to store a few small items, archive your business paperwork in a secure environment, or put meaningful but unusable possessions in a safe place, a self-storage unit could be the flexible, cost-effective solution that is right for you.

What is Self-Storage?

Self-storage facilities offer individual storage units for rent. They offer a secure, often climate-controlled, environment that ensures your belongings are kept in optimum conditions. Since this environment is often better than that in people's attics or garages, items that are stored run the gamut from personal keepsakes to prized vintage automobiles.

A Do-It-Yourself Option

Traditionally, when people were moving and needed temporary storage or wanted to store business documents, they had to hire a company to move and store their belonging. Today, consumers and business people have another option. To simplify their storage experience, they choose the do-it-yourself solution - self storage.

Self Storage units = Flexible Storage Experience

Self storage is an extremely flexible alternative to traditional storage methods. You choose what items to store, and how much to store, what size unit to rent, and when to retrieve your items. Based on the volume of items you are going to store, you can choose to rent a closet-sized unit (mini self storage unit), or a unit that will accommodate an automobile, boat or just lots of 'stuff'. Also unlike traditional storage methods, self storage facilities allow you access to your storage space at any time during business hours. And, you'll find many self storage companies offer month-to-month rental agreements so you aren't "locked in" with a long contract.

In most cases, you can just drive up to your self storage unit, remove some or all of your items, add items, or just check on your progress in filling up the space. You can also upgrade or downgrade the size of your unit as needed, making overpaying for wasteful, unused space a thing of the past.

Secure, Hassle-Free Storage Solution

Unlike traditional storage methods, using self storage means you are the only person who will have access to your individual unit, unless you choose to add another authorized key holder. Given that you adhere to your rental agreement and payment terms, nobody can access or move your things without your specific permission, making self storage one of the easiest and most secure ways to store your belongings. Most reputable self storage buildings will also safeguard your belongings with their own security measures, including onsite managers, closed-circuit video cameras that are constantly monitored and other onsite security features.

Mr. Kleindienst is a self storage company executive. He has a passion for helping consumers with Florida (FL) self storage, New York (NY) self storage and New Jersey (NJ) Self Storage.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Top Tips To Consider When Searching For The Right Self-Storage Facility

More people are searching for the right self-storage facility that can house their belongings, especially since both people and businesses are downsizing to save expenses. This has caused a boom in the self-storage market which can be found in almost any area where you live or plan to move to. Even small towns will have a self-storage facility that can be utilized for business or personal needs. With so many choices for storage it is important to know about the business where you will be storing your valuables. Here is some insight into the self-storage facilities that are available.

Consider The Usefulness Of A Storage Unit

In the past storage facilities consisted of companies that would pack your belongings and store them for a cost. This was very restrictive and costly, so people started looking towards places where they could store their goods more economically while allowing them the freedom to easily control when they had access. In the beginning people would search for an empty garage or warehouse that was looking for some added income, which eventually turned the self-storage facilities into a thriving business. People wanted to know that the space that they were renting was secure and that they could come and go without the worry of additional costs. The self-storage facilities provide this and more.

Take A Guided Search For A Self-Storage Facility

Since there are so many facilities available that have self-storage it is important to find a reputable company that will take care of your property. When you start searching for the right facility it means asking some direct questions about the policies and procedures of the facility, along with checking out business ethics and terms. The area in which the facility is housed, as well as the facility itself is a good indication of whether your items will be safe. But there are other means of security that should be questioned such as video cameras and alarms. What are their policies on people coming and going? Both of these areas should be checked into. In addition to this, you want a company that is customer friendly.

The Keys To A Self-Storage Agreement?

An agreement is a contract between the self-storage facility and yourself stating that they are renting you a space the size that you require and in exchange you will pay a monthly fee to guarantee that space is yours to use. The agreements spell out the terms of your rental of the space and will include such things as what happens if you do not pay your rental fee or if you terminate your agreement what will be charged for usage. Most reputable companies will not charge you for additional fees, but may require a deposit or first month's rental fee up front.

It should also be noted that in some cases if you do not pay your fees after a certain amount of time that the storage facility has a right to hold your belongings until payment is received, or until you waive the right to the contents in the storage unit.

Ben Wells is a self storage expert, managing several Self Storage Facilities in the western United States. He also contributes articles with tips for organizing and moving and self-storage at several websites.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Useful Tips For Storing Items In Self Storage

Self storage is very beneficial to many people these days. Thanks to these rental units, families and business owners today can keep their valuable belongings in a safe place for as long as they want and at a price they can well afford.

When using these self storage units, however, it is important to know how to pack your items properly and organize them. This will make sure that you keep your personal belongings in good condition and allow you to easily access them if the need arises.

Packing tips

The packing process should not be that difficult if you have the right materials and you know how to organize your stuff. Use sturdy boxes if possible because sealed plastic bags are prone to mildew buildup when moisture creeps in. Apart from the boxes, the other materials you will need are a marker, packing tape, scissors or cutter, paper, bubble wrap, towels and Styrofoam.

When packing your items, fill boxes to capacity to avoid breakages. But keep in mind not to make them very heavy. What you should do is to divide the heavy items into several boxes. Make sure to put the heavy ones on the bottom first and fill the top part with lighter items.

Fragile or breakable items including antiques will have to be wrapped individually. Use plain paper and not the newspaper to avoid staining ceramics, glasses and mirrors. Do fill in gaps using bubble wrap, paper or towels to keep the items steady during transport and storage.

Labeling all the sides of your boxes is also very important for easy identification of the contents. Mark breakable items as fragile.

Organizing tips

Organize your boxes in the self storage unit in a way that you can access your items easily. Create an alley in between the stacks of boxes particularly in the center, sides and the back part so you can move around if you need to access items every now and then.

If you don't want the boxes to touch the floor space, you can first put protective sheeting or boards on the floor. This will protect your items from moisture buildup.

When stacking your boxes, put the heaviest ones on the bottom first to avoid damaging items in the other boxes. The lighter ones should then be placed on top. Stack boxes of similar sizes to save on space.

As for furniture, keep them away from the walls. Metal objects should also not rest on other items that are prone to damage.

If you have large appliances to store such as drawers, fridges and washing machines, you can also fill them with small boxes and other items to maximize available space.

Finally, you can use moisture absorbers, deodorizes and vermin bait if you doubt the environment at your preferred storage facility. But you can always ask the management first about the pest control system they implement within their premises.

Keep in mind that you will only enjoy your peace of mind if you have packed your items well and organized them properly in the self storage unit.

For information on self storage units visit, a leading self storage company in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area.
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Monday, August 17, 2015

10 Reasons Why Renting a Storage Space is Better Than Your Attic

Have you taken a peek into your attic lately? If it has been months or even years since you poked around in that crowded attic of yours, perhaps it is time you considered using a storage facility. Storage facilities are a fantastic solution for anyone looking to "de-clutter" their life.

If you know that Martha Stewart would have a heart attack just from looking into your attic then maybe it's time you took that step forward and start re-claiming your life and your belongings.

There are several reasons why renting a storage space is better than your attic. For your benefit, we listed them out here below:

1. Storage units are easily accessible. When you rent a storage space, you will not have to duck under two by fours or walk on the rafters to find something specific. Everything you need is right there in front of you.

2. You can never be certain what is lurking in your attic. Rodents, have field days in your attic, making their nests out of your belongings. At a storage facility, you can rest assured that your treasures are free from pests.

3. Your attic is not always protected from bad weather where as a storage unit is safe and secure from the outside elements.

4. You can free up some space in your home. Who would not love a little extra room? With a storage space you are guaranteed to free up plenty of space.

5. You won't have to worry about parting ways with your prized belongings. Old baby clothes and toys that you are holding onto for keepsakes will be better protected in a storage facility than in your house.

6. Your things will remain protected from criminals. In the world we live in today you can never be guaranteed that you will not be robbed. Because of the security measures taken at most storage facilities, you can be certain that you will have less of a chance for theft.

7. You can de-clutter your life and begin to feel organized. A little organization never hurt anyone and when you move some of your belongings to a storage unit you will feel the relief that organization brings.

8.If you ever decide to move, you will not have to worry about making sure you have gotten everything out of the attic. When a sudden relocation for your job is sprung on you, you do not really want to worry about cleaning the clutter in your attic that is why keeping your things in a storage space is the best solution.

9. You will never again have to climb a tiny wobbly ladder and crawl through a crammed attic to find something specific. No more bending over backwards looking through your stuff- with a storage unit, you will always be able to find just what you are looking for- it is always easily accessible to you!

10. Your belongings will be protected should there ever be a fire in your home.

Paul Darden is owner and CEO of AA @ Ben White, the only Austin self storage facility with a 24/7 onsite management team. Darden specializes in the brokering, marketing, feasibility studies, and developing of self-storage personally brokering over 130 self-storage facilities throughout the southwest to both national and regional self-storage operators. If you are looking to move and if you need public storage in Austin, Texas visit
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Moving Furniture to a New Home Or Self-Storage

Moving furniture to a new home or a self storage unit is a job that takes more than one person and some preparation. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks from professional removers to help you make the move easier and trouble free.

Take the time to measure your largest furniture items, like beds, wardrobes and sofas to ensure you can fit them in the storage space you have rented or through the doors in your new home. Remember to measure the stairs because narrow stairs with a tight turn may stop you manhandling that huge bed in to the room.

If your furniture does not fit, then dismantle the big items before the move day.

Size and shape makes a sofa difficult to move. Professional movers neatly remove the material on the base o9f the sofa and feel inside the arms. Often they are bolted to the frame and can be removed with a spanner. The same goes for bulky armchairs.

Remove cushions and loose covers for transportation and storage. Any covering that cannot be removed needs protecting with a removal blanket or thick plastic to avoid hand prints, scuffs and scrapes.

Tables and chairs, especially those with glass, marble or granite tables should be dismantled with the top separated, wrapped and marked with a fragile sticker. Wood tables need careful handling and protection to stop scratches and warps.

Wrap table and chair legs with bubble wrap and then tape cardboard around the padding.

Fill up any dresser or chest drawers with small, light or fragile items cushioned in tissue or bubble wrap. Tape plastic wrap around the drawers so nothing can fall out when they are lifted. Do not over fill drawers as the weight makes lifting difficult. Carry dressers and chests with drawers taken out as they are a lot lighter. Protect the frame with plastic bubble wrap or a blanket to look after the finish.

Dismantle a bed frame to make moving easier. If you have a divan bed, take out the under bed drawers to lighten the task. Mattresses should be wrapped in a mattress cover or heavy plastic, like a sofa.

Pete Simpson is a home removals and business removals professional who also has interests in a self storage business based in London. He has written this guide as part of several packing, removals and self storage articles aimed at helping students, householders and businesses save time, effort and money. Find out more about self storage in London at
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Things You Didn't Know About Self Storage Space

Self storage is not only about finding a good storage company that is not only easily accessible but also reasonably priced. Those are only the surface nitty gritty that you need to sort out. There are actually a lot more things that you may not yet know about self storage space.

Keep the expensive ones out of reach and sight

A rule of thumb is that you should keep all your expensive things in your self storage unit out of reach so as to avoid damaging them accidentally. Always try to store your expensive items at the back of the self storage unit. Not only will you reduce the chances of damaging them, you also minimise their exposure to others when they happen to pass by your storage unit and peep in. Although most self storage units are rather secured and have privacy shields, it makes no harm to play safe.

Use clear storage containers and bags

Many of us simply use the cheap and widely available black trash bags to dump all of the things we seldom use and store them in self storage units. When the time comes for us to retrieve something, we often will go bonkers when trying to find the item. Consider using the slightly more expensive but transparent storage bags that are by the way thicker and more durable. When the time comes to get something out, you'll be smirking and giving yourself a pat in the back.

Take them apart

Furniture is a common item found in many self storage units and one common mistake is that people simply store an entire dining table for example without taking them apart. This not only take up excess space but also increase the storage cost. Many furniture can actually be taken apart such as bed frames, closets and tables. You are then able to pack them tightly together and free up excess space and lower storage cost.


Prolonged storage of items inside a self storage unit can lead to unwanted odour and damages to your items due to moisture. One simple tip is to purchase dehumidifier made of charcoal. They not only absorb moisture in the air to keep your things nice and dry, they also remove unwanted odour from the surroundings.

Moth balls

Moth balls are dreaded by many mainly due to its unpleasant smell. However, they are a saviour to you when you want to prevent insects from going near your items. They are especially useful in preventing moths from damaging your apparels.

When you are using self storage, you need to consider both internal and external factors for the most ideal storage experience. Self storage is not simply about getting a space and dumping all your unwanted things there.

Running out of space at home? We introduce you Big Orange where professional storage tips and storage space will be offered to maximize your storage space.
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

What To Look For In A Good Self Storage Facility

Storage Unit Sizing

Even though the experts can be very helpful, there are a few tips one can employ in order to make some good size determinations. Starting out with a list is probably the best approach in eventually deciding how much space is needed. All of the items to be self stored can be listed, and from there one can fine-tune their specific spatial needs.

Remember though that pricing differs based on space. Consolidation of items, or even selling you belongings, may be suitable for an over abundance of space-eating items. With the help of the storage experts, one can answer all space-related questions.

Accessibility and Location of the Perfect Unit

Location is a common concern for most. Will visits to and from the unit be during the day or night? How frequently will you need to go to the storage unit? Frequent accessing of the unit is certainly easier done when it is near your permanent address, or at least in the path of regular travels.

If you need to access your storage unit more often then the closest storage unit to your home would be the ideal location, but if you only need to access maybe once or twice, shop around and look for storage unit that may be further from you with a better price. A helpful hint: self storage facilities in more rural locations tend to be cheaper.

Security and Building Maintenance

It is always advisable for the prospective self storage customer to take a tour of the storage facility previous to accepting a unit. Getting a good look at the facility's overall condition and security practices can be a great help in making that self storage choice. If the premise were to be in a state of dilapidation or disrepair, this may not be a good choice. As well, ailing or failing security systems or practices can be spotted during the tour. Staff disposition and professionalism are also good things to observe. Also check reviews on the internet to see what people are saying about the storage facility.

Final Preparation

Despite having screened, and happily chosen a self storage unit, there are other preparations to be made. Bubble wrap, packaging tape, wooden pallets for floor storage, boxes, bags, and many more items may or may not be essential to your move. Referring back to the list of items to be stored and the size and shape of the storage unit, appropriate packing and transportation are still needed. There are moving professionals that can do all of this for you or you can do it yourself.

This article was written by Andrew, an expert and professional on self storage units and facilities. If you would like more information about reliable and secure self storage facilities, please visit Storage Post Self Storage. Regardless if your things are large or small, has all the storage space you need.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What Size Self Storage Unit is Right For You?

If you have had enough with the clutter around your home and you have conceded that you do in fact need a self storage unit, you now need to know what size is right for you. It may be tempting to just rent the biggest size unit that a self storage facility has, but if you are not going to make use of the space inside the unit then you will simply be throwing your hard earned money away.

While there is no real true measure as to what size storage space you will need there are some questions that should be answered first in order to figure out the perfect size for your needs including:

• What is the Facility's Opinion: To get a scope of what size self storage unit you will need it helps to talk to the staff of a storage unit facility. If you explain to them just how much stuff you have then they should be able to tell you what they think will accommodate your needs.

• What Does the Unit Look Like: Even if you know the size of the self storage rental you are going to rent, it doesn't mean that you know how the inside looks. Some storage units are fully walled which will allow you to stack items all the way to the ceiling. Other storage units are not fully walled and you cannot store things all the way up to the ceiling. This can mean a great deal of room lost so it is important that you actually look at the storage unit you are considering first, before you pay your first month's rent.

• How Packable is Your Stuff: If you have a bunch of furniture that needs to be stored then you likely will not be able to stack and pack those items in a unit and you may find that a larger unit is necessary. However, if you are simply storing odds and ends then you can pack away your belongings in boxes and stack away. This will allow you to get away with renting a smaller mini storage unit.

• How Organized are you: Be honest with yourself on this point. If you are not the most organized person and you know that you will not do well with making the most of the space that you rent, then you will want to go with a larger self storage space. If on the other hand you are very well organized and can pack things away like a squirrel, then you more than likely can get away with a smaller self storage space.

Above all else be sure that you have the ability to change to a larger or smaller self storage locker if your needs grow or lessen as time goes on. It will do you little good to rent one self storage unit and then have a lot more items that can't fit inside in the coming months and you are stuck with an unaccommodating self storage facility. Be sure to check first and then you can feel comfortable storing your items in the perfect sized self storage unit for you.

Jason Kay recommends that you compare Orlando self storage units to find the right one for your needs.
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

When Is The Right Time To Use Self Storage?

Various situations in life require the use of self storage. Whether you're single, married, divorced or a business owner that need additional space to store personal belongings as well as stocks of products, utilizing a storage unit proves to be very helpful.

Any time you feel the need for extra storage space is the best time to seek a good facility that can meet your needs. Don't wait too long but take action right away and find a unit where you can keep your valued possessions. For sure, there's one near your place.

Home renovation. Most homeowners always want to make the place where they live as comfortable as possible for themselves and their family. Renovation and remodeling works then are inevitable. But with this also comes much work such as moving furniture, appliances, decors and other accessories to give way to the people who will be remodeling the house.

Having people in the house with your things disorganized can be quite annoying. So why not put your personal belongings first in a self storage unit for a month or so to free up your space at home.

Seasonal storage. People who don't have a big garage might find rental units useful for storing seasonal items. These can include Christmas trees, snow blower, lawn mower and sprinkler systems and the like. As these devices are used only during certain months, you can store them separately during off season.

Home selling. Some homeowners don't necessarily want to dispose all of their personal possessions when selling their residential property. While they may include certain appliances and furniture in the sale, they still want to keep the other ones particularly those that have sentimental values to them. To keep your valuables in safe place while you're still searching for the right buyer, it would be a good idea to use a self storage unit. Remember that home buyers are particular about space and organization in a home the reason why you need to declutter before putting your house for sale.

By utilizing a rental unit, you can have your peace of mind and not worry all the time about the safety of your belongings. This is whether you're still staying in your old home or have already moved to your new abode.

Too many documents. Having a business can result in a large pile of paper work. Despite the introduction of digital technology, some business owners still prefer to keep hard copies of important documents.

But if you have accumulated volumes of paper and no space to keep them in your office or home office, then it's time to store them in a self storage unit. You don't have to get a big unit because there are small units available these days. And the best part is you apart from your papers, you can store there your stocks and other office equipment that are no longer used.

So you see, you may need a storage unit at the most unexpected time. What matters is you choose one that's near your place and with the right security features.

For information on self storage facilities visit, a leading self storage company in the Maryland and Pennsylvania area.
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