Sunday, January 31, 2016

Moving Supplies You Need for Your Move

Packing and moving will go much more smoothly if you have all the supplies you'll need for your move. We tell you what you'll need, from the authority on moving.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top 10 Reasons For Homeowners to Use Self-Storage

Even a little extra space offered by a self-storage unit can make life easier on a day-to-day basis for most homeowners. Having room to breathe, organize, relate, work and play at home brings peace of mind and freedom to solve life's bigger problems. Here are 10 ways self-storage units can help with household issues:

1. Not enough room for day-to-day items

Limited space inspires organizational skills and creative problem solving, but even the most organized of homeowners can run out of space at some point. Freeing up space within your closets, rooms and garage will literally give you breathing room.

2. Saving family heirlooms and hand-me-downs

Perhaps you are struggling like many families to find space to keep valuable antiques or heirlooms to pass on to their children and grandchildren. Or your family is young and you're living in a smaller home, hanging on to hand-me-down clothes and furniture for growing children and future new arrivals. Even if you just want to hang on to valuable personal belongings that don't suit the current d├ęcor of your home, a self-storage unit can provide the "archival" space you need to keep valuable space in your home free for new growth and change.

3. Downsizing to a smaller home

If you are reducing the number of bedrooms, basement or attic space where you can store extra furniture, a storage unit is a great place to store extra mattresses and bed frames, dressers and mirrors, coffee tables and couches, and TVs and stereos.

A new home, condo or apartment can come with appliances and furniture that you already have. Until you have time to sell or donate your unwanted appliances, or if you wish to keep them until you're sure what your plan is, a self-storage facility can be an ideal option. A drive-up garage-style self-storage unit works well for storing an extra car, motorcycle, truck or van.

4. Extended absence

Being able to take a long trip without paying rent or a mortgage can free you up to explore the world, or give you peace of mind as you leave for military deployment or temporary work assignment. Self-storage units are an affordable way to be flexible and adaptive during these extended absences.

5. Life in limbo

Whether you're caught between two house closings, living in the upheaval of major renovations, or a student preparing to move home for the summer, a self-storage space can be a convenient answer for storing your belongs in the interim.

6. More room for toys

If you love the outdoors, you probably have lots of equipment that you use during certain times of the year. A self-storage unit can give you the extra square footage you need to keep the kayaks AND the jet skis easily accessible while keeping room in your garage for toys you use frequently or all year long.

A self-storage unit is a great place to store:

o Camping and climbing equipment
o Boats, inner tubes, rafts, canoes or kayaks
o Skis, snow boards or surf boards
o Jet skis, ATVs and other small-engine vehicles
o Golf carts and clubs
o Recreational vehicles (RVs)
o Classic and show cars
For hobbyists, a self-storage space can mean more room to keep:
o Photos and photography equipment
o Musical instruments and DJ / production equipment
o Collections of books, magazines, wine, comic books, collectibles, videos, etc.
o Craft and hobby supplies

7. Selling a home

As you prepare to sell a house, a self-storage unit can be useful in hiding away personal belongings for proper staging.

8. Seasonal storage

A self-storage unit can be used to store away household items you only during certain times of the year, such as:

o Artificial Christmas trees and holiday decorations
o Patio furniture
o Pool equipment and supplies
o Lawn mowers and other yard equipment
o Off-season clothing and outerwear

9. Offsite security

Storing copies of important documents and data in a separate physical location is a smart idea. In case of flood, fire or other catastrophic damage affecting your home, having a second set of medical, legal, financial and insurance-related documents, as well as backups of computer hard drives and software in your self-storage unit can prove critically important.

Keeping a stock of canned and other non-perishable food, a generator and other emergency supplies can be beneficial not just in your home, but also in a self-storage unit, especially in areas prone to natural disasters.

10. Paying the bills

If your home is also your place of business, a self-storage unit can give you the equivalent of an inexpensive warehouse to store:

o Inventory for home-based businesses
o Home office supplies
o Farming equipment
o Saws, tools and equipment

Storage facility managers are pros at putting self-storage space to the best use. Be sure to ask them any questions you may have about making your extra space work for you.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Packing A Self-Storage Unit Is Easy With a Little Planning

Packing a self-storage unit is not easy. However, if you follow these time-tested tips, you will learn how to pack away an abundance of items in a 5'x10' space and keep them safeguarded from weathering and destruction.

Packing Materials Needed

When packing the majority of your smaller possessions, it is important to use boxes instead of plastic bags. Not only are boxes much more rugged than plastic bags, but they also stack well, taking up less room in the unit. Also, plastic bags have the tendency of trapping moisture, which can lead to the formation of mildew.

You will need to invest in the right types of boxes. You should purchase average-sized packing boxes, such the type used by professional movers, rather than using supermarket cast-offs that have already been used and weakened. You will also need to purchase other packing materials such as tape. Masking tape and clear duct tape tend to work best. Also, you will need to gather old newspapers for wrapping fragile objects and for stuffing any extra spaces inside boxes. This will prevent the corners and sides from collapsing.


Closest to the door of the self-storage unit, stack the boxes that you will need to access most often. Label all boxes on one side and stack them so the labels are all visible. Remember to clearly label boxes filled with breakable belongings as "fragile."


When you pack away furniture, you should take specific precautions if your self-storage unit is not climate controlled. In essence, it is similar to leaving furniture outside in a barn. You don't have to worry about precipitation, but temperature changes can do a number on different materials and surfaces.

You should always treat leather sofas and seats with a leather conditioner before packing them away, and spray wooden furniture with furniture polish to give it extra protection. Then, to further safeguard furniture from dust or scratches, cover each piece with a large sheet or tarp. Also, any non-upholstered sofa or mattress should be stored under a slipcover for further preservation.

Disassembling tables and beds makes them much easier to pack. Make sure you place all the larger parts of a lone piece of furniture together, while keeping all assembly parts, such screws and nuts, nearby in a small, plastic bag labeled appropriately.

Larger pieces of furniture that cannot be dismantled, such as sofas, can be placed vertically to conserve space. If you have room to position your sofa flat, you can place other small pieces of furniture on top of it, extending your unit's capacity. You can also fill the sofa with boxes or breakables. Even kitchen chairs stacked seat to seat can line the inside of the sofa if done correctly. Always use empty space to your advantage.


While smaller appliances can mostly fit in boxes, larger appliances must be prepared properly before placement in self-storage. You should wipe down the insides of appliances with a baking soda mixture to ensure that they remain dry. The metallic portions should be rubbed down with a bit of oil to avoid possible rusting.

If you are planning to store a refrigerator or stove, make sure that you enclose the back with a tarp or place it tightly against the wall to prevent vermin from getting inside. Defrost refrigerators and accompanying freezers and drain them thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Drain your washing machine completely and tie all hoses and cords prior to putting it in self-storage. Usually, to save space, you can place a dryer on top of a washer.

Clothing, Draperies, and Bedding

If you have the means to get one, a wardrobe box with a built-in hanging rod is the best way to pack clothing. By hanging everything up on hangers, you will prevent wrinkling, and the enclosed box prevents any damage caused by moths and other vermin. However, if a wardrobe box is not within your budget, you can place clothing, as well as bedding and curtains, in vacuum-sealed bags. Another trick is to stick blankets, sheets, and pillows inside washers, dryers, and dressers already in the unit.

Fragile Items

You must take care when packing away fragile belongings and items that are delicate, such as personal photographs. For example, a good way to preserve photographs is by placing them between pieces of stiff cardboard and taping these pieces together tightly. This stops pictures from curling in excess moisture.

You can wrap mirrors in protective bubble wrap and purchase cardboard corners for those that are square-shaped. These corners are inexpensive, prevent injury, and reinforce the weakest portion of the frame. Also, mirrors and framed artwork should not be placed flat, because they may collapse under their own weight. It's always best to place such breakables and fragile objects inside furniture drawers, inside wardrobes, or on the shelves of bookcases already placed in the unit.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Size Self Storage Unit is Right For You?

If you have had enough with the clutter around your home and you have conceded that you do in fact need a self storage unit, you now need to know what size is right for you. It may be tempting to just rent the biggest size unit that a self storage facility has, but if you are not going to make use of the space inside the unit then you will simply be throwing your hard earned money away.

While there is no real true measure as to what size storage space you will need there are some questions that should be answered first in order to figure out the perfect size for your needs including:

• What is the Facility's Opinion: To get a scope of what size self storage unit you will need it helps to talk to the staff of a storage unit facility. If you explain to them just how much stuff you have then they should be able to tell you what they think will accommodate your needs.

• What Does the Unit Look Like: Even if you know the size of the self storage rental you are going to rent, it doesn't mean that you know how the inside looks. Some storage units are fully walled which will allow you to stack items all the way to the ceiling. Other storage units are not fully walled and you cannot store things all the way up to the ceiling. This can mean a great deal of room lost so it is important that you actually look at the storage unit you are considering first, before you pay your first month's rent.

• How Packable is Your Stuff: If you have a bunch of furniture that needs to be stored then you likely will not be able to stack and pack those items in a unit and you may find that a larger unit is necessary. However, if you are simply storing odds and ends then you can pack away your belongings in boxes and stack away. This will allow you to get away with renting a smaller mini storage unit.

• How Organized are you: Be honest with yourself on this point. If you are not the most organized person and you know that you will not do well with making the most of the space that you rent, then you will want to go with a larger self storage space. If on the other hand you are very well organized and can pack things away like a squirrel, then you more than likely can get away with a smaller self storage space.

Above all else be sure that you have the ability to change to a larger or smaller self storage locker if your needs grow or lessen as time goes on. It will do you little good to rent one self storage unit and then have a lot more items that can't fit inside in the coming months and you are stuck with an unaccommodating self storage facility. Be sure to check first and then you can feel comfortable storing your items in the perfect sized self storage unit for you.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why Would You Use A Self Storage Facility?

Below, we take a look at our top reasons why people would use a self storage facility when it comes to storing their possessions.

Convenience - Convenience is a key reason why any of us would tend to steer towards using a self storage facility, because it offers us a convenient solution to our storage needs. Whether we just need a bit of extra space or we need to store some of our most treasured possessions, self storage is a convenient way of keeping the items we do not need regular access to but might need again one day.

Security - Even if you do not require the possessions or items at the time, you still want them to be secure which is another reason why you would use a self storage facility. You need to know that your possessions are in a secure environment and protected from all kinds of issues and dangers, which you cannot guarantee if you just chuck them in the loft or a garage to store your possessions.

Privacy - When it comes to documents and archiving, there are just some things that you do not want other people to see, which is why privacy is another factor when it comes to why consumers tend to use self storage facilities. From confidential documents through to private possessions, self storage facilities are ideal as they are secure and private meaning your documents and other types of confidential belongings are not going to be seen by anyone but you.

Protection - When we no longer need immediate access to our belongings, it can be quite likely that we just chuck them up into the loft or at the top of a cupboard in the bedroom. This is all good and well but this kind of adhoc storage will offer your possessions very little protection, especially when you consider that most lofts are damp and cold and that you will probably chuck more things on top and could therefore break them. Self storage offers your goods and possessions the protection against damage and weather wearing, which means that when you do need them again, they should all be in one piece and useable.

Affordable - One of the best aspects of a self storage unit is that they are often very affordable when compared to your other options, such as expansion or relocation, which makes this a cost effective way of storing extra goods when you no longer need regular access to them.

So, it is clear to see that there are some key reasons why people would use a self storage facility, mainly surrounding the security and privacy aspect, but most people would choose a self storage facility mainly because it offers a convenient way of storing things that you do not require immediate access to.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Benefits of Renting Self Storage Facilities

In this time and age, space is increasingly becoming like precious time, oil, silver and gold. The lesser the commodity, the higher the demand. Just like oil, we cannot do without space, we need space for storage amongst many other things. Here are some benefits that come with renting a self storage facility.


Self storage, as its name suggest, can provide space for storing your things. Unlike time, you can get extra space for storage. Renting a self storage space can give you the extra space you need, be it to store your inventory, documents or equipment for your business or just extra furniture from your smaller house. These self storage facility provide you a storage space that you can take anything you have stored out and put anything you may want to store in.

Creating space

Believe it or not, a self storage space does not end where your storage slot is. It goes beyond the self storage facility, because by storing your things at a self storage facility, you are creating space at your shop, office or even home. By putting things that you seldom use, but still want to keep in a self storage facility, you are clearing it and making space for other possible usage of the space. For example, if you own an eatery, and you have extra machineries that you are not using at the moment, you can store it in the self storage facility. In turn, you can turn that space that you have just freed up into more tables to accommodate more customers, exchanging that for more income in the long run.

Fixed location

You do not have to worry about your items being moved or relocated to another place without your permission or without prior notice. In contrast to traditional storage methods, this is safer and more assuring.

Spoilt for choice

You can choose from the different variety of sizes that these self storage units come in. You only need to rent as big a space as you need for your items and thus you only pay for what you use.

Easy accessibility

Self storage spaces can be found all over the country right now because of its popular demand. This makes it easy to retrieve your things if you need them, you need not travel a great deal of distance just to get your things. More than that, if you are sharing a self storage facility with a friend, either of you can gain access to that self storage facility without having to trouble your friend.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Store Anything But Not Everything In A Self Storage

Are you planning to sell your home or leaving to home for summer? Are you in need of space to keep your things temporarily? Do you feel your home or office is messing up with unused things? Here is the solution, the self storage.

Self storages are designed to store anything you wish to store. You can use them for storing your unused furniture, clothes, books, bags, office equipment, vehicles etc. Though the storage unit allows you to store anything, there are certain limitations from storing everything in it.

When you are planning to store, business or personal things, consider the restrictions on the items imposed by the storage unit. These restrictions are for security purpose, not only for you but also to the facility staff and other customers. All these will be usually documented and you need to sign a lease indicating that you adhere to all the terms and conditions proposed by the unit. Also, many self storage operators are performing background checks or procuring finger prints for safety.

Below are some of the items, which self storage units do not allow.

1. Toxic Materials: Toxic materials like fertilizers, paint, cleaning oils, biological wastes, chemicals, acids, grease etc are not be allowed to store at a self storage.

2. Flammable Materials: Gas, fireworks, fuels, kerosene, oil etc. Simply, anything which catches fire are not allowed.

3. Vehicles: Vehicles are generally acceptable at storage units, provided they are legally registered, insured and in operational status. Storage management will not allow heavier vehicles like trucks and lorries due to maintenance issues. Also, the vehicles need to be inflated before storing.

4. Food Products: Perishable foods like meat etc are not be allowed in self storage. Also items that attract pests and insects will be prohibited. However, canned foods are allowed.

5. Living Beings: Any animal / plant live or dead will not be allowed to store.

6. Radio-active materials: Any chemical or medical equipment which are radioactive should not be stored.

7. Aerosols: Aerosols or any pressurized inflammable items, which could burst and can cause accidents, are strictly prohibited at self storage units.

8. Weapons: No weapons are allowed into a self storage.

Also, items which produce heavy odor, prescriptions by doctors, heart surgery equipment, x-rays etc generally, are not be allowed in a self storage. Not all facilities will allow you to store precious jewels and antique items unless you provide an insurance proof. The reason is, higher the value, greater is the risk. Hence, prefer a storage unit to store them only if it provides high security. Electronic items like refrigerator, heaters, generators, ovens, freezers should be plugged off.

Before you pack your home or office, if you have any queries on the items to be packed, it would be better to reach out to the self storage management directly. The only concern, the management seeks for providing restrictions is security.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Features of a Good Self Storage Company

With so many self storage companies out there these days, it is not easy to find a good and reliable one. You need to consider a lot of different factors when you make your decision and location is definitely one of the factors high up in your list. What other features are there of a good self storage company? Actually, the main thing that differentiates a normal self storage company from a good one is in the "go the extra mile" service provided.

Always there when you need them

Although self storage is a very personal thing and you are often alone in your own self storage unit, you want help to be readily available when you need it. A good self storage company is able to give you all the privacy you deserve but is always nearby to lend a helping hand. Things may suddenly happen and you want the company to be understanding and listen to you. For example, if someone fall sick and need a large amount of money for medical bills, some storage companies understand enough to allow you to delay your payment for a few months.

Responds to you within a short time

It could be late at night and you are on the way to your storage unit. While trying to unlock the door to your self storage unit, you accidentally break the key and half of it is stuck. However, you need to access your items urgently. A good self storage company always has someone on standby and is able to assist you within a short period of time, ensuring that you can carry on doing what is most important without any obstacles in front of you.


We all want self storage to be a fuss free thing. A good self storage company is able to foresee any difficulties their customers might have while trying to move things around and they will plan ahead to eliminate these obstacles. Good self storage companies have large lifts to allow transportation of items in one attempt. The car park will also be located near the lifts and there will be ample trolleys to allow ease of movement.

Quality advice

A good self storage company is able to provide quality advice to their potential customers and existing customers. There will be sufficient well trained staff members who can advise on the storage size that is required, most ideal storage conditions and how the transportation process should be done.
Before making the sacred decision, you should always ask around and read reviews from the internet as well as making a trip down to the self storage facility and familiarise yourself with the surroundings.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Self Storage Units At Railroad Ave Self-Storage

Whether you have a need to store a few boxes, and some pictures, small furniture, an entire room of furniture, or an entire house contents, we have a space that can handle it and the pricing is much more reasonable than you might think.

We also have boat and RV storage.

We are located at 515 Railroad Ave in Suisun City, CA. Call us at 707-425-7300.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Learn How to Pack Your Small Kitchen Appliances

Learn the do's and don'ts of packing your small kitchen appliances like your blender, toaster, and others, from the top authority on moving.