Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Most Valuable Items Ever Found in a Self Storage Unit

It's hard to imagine that anyone could ever leave anything of value unclaimed in a self storage unit. Whether it's due to unpaid bills, someone passing away or believe it or not, people genuinely forgetting about them, there have been many occasions where the contents of a self storage unit has been auctioned off. There have certainly been some weird and wonderful things but here are some of the most valuable items ever found in self storage.

People would have been forgiven for thinking that the man who bid $27,000 on a self storage unit in Virginia, USA was crazy but when the items inside were valued at $100,000, it turned out to be a great purchase. The unit in question was owned by a WWII general and contained many valuable documents from the Civil War, a cane that belonged to Harry Truman, documents signed by former US Presidents, pieces of rare artwork and many items of historical significance.

A man who has been identified simply as John, one day decided to find out what all the fuss was about when it came to bidding on storage units. New to the scene, he bought two units which came to a total of $1,700. Imagine his surprise when it took three men to carry out the contents of one of his units. The heavy container turned out to be a chest full of gold and silver coins and bars and was valued at a staggering $500,000.

Back in 2011, an unsuspecting bidder won what would turn out to be one of the most highly publicised self storage unit finds in history. Inside the container was a near-mint copy of Action Comics Number 1. Unbeknown to the bidder, this comic was extremely rich in history and would end up netting him over $2,000,000. The comic first rose from obscurity during a Sotheby's auction in 1992 - where nobody knew that such a pristine copy of the comic existed. Here is sold for $82,500 and then Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage went on to buy it for $150,000 in 1997. Three years later, Cage reported the comic stolen and it remained unfound for over a decade until that auction day in 2011.

Anyone who has ever watched the American television show, Storage Wars, will be familiar with the concept of the programme. Any unclaimed storage units are put up for public auction and attendees bid on units without knowing what's in them. Darrel Sheets from the USA took a big gamble when he paid $3,600 for a storage locker. Fortunately for him however, the unit contained a collection of artwork by Frank Guttierez which was estimated to be worth approximately $300,000.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Use Self Storage Facilities?

There are always occasions when you do not have enough space in your house, office, or business premise to store the material you have got and you wish if you could move some material, which is not going to be needed for quite some times, and store it to some other place safely. This is what self storage services are offering today. The concept has picked the wave and has developed in a full-fledged industry in most of the parts of USA today. Here are some advantages of using self storage services.

Safe, Secure and Clean Storage Space - Due to rapid proliferation, the self storage venues are also facing competition and consequently they all are trying to offer better service than their competitor. This is what providing service users with safe, secure and clean storage facilities in their neighbourhood. Even if you have to carry the stuff a little far from your house, it pays to use the services of a self storage service if it guarantees safety, and security of your belongings.

Adequate Size - Another advantage of using such kind of services is the availability of required size of space units to store your stuff comfortably. These services often have multiple units of different sizes of compartments to meet the size requirement of material. This spares you from the compulsion of paying rent of a large unit for storing rather a small piece. You can store anything ranging from furniture, car, boat, electronic, or just anything. They even offer various sizes of packing boxes to pack small material and store it in a common compartment. In case you are hiring a whole separate compartment, you will get the keys with permission to visit it as and when you want to.

Easy Movement - The services often make provisions so that each storage unit can be accessed through car or any commercial vehicle. Thus material can be driven direct to the unit without requiring download/upload in transit. You can drive the material to exact location of its storage and pick/drop it there easily. This makes it very comfortable for people as they do not have to pick things and carry them manually to parking space.

U-Haul Trucks, Trailers, Equipments - In case you are in need of storing a large size or heavy material such as cars, boats, machineries, or any other heavy goods, the services often provide necessary equipments such as U-haul trucks, trailers and other equipments for easy transportation of the material.

Locks - Once you have stored your stuff in a unit, you need to make sure that you are getting sufficient privileges and security assurance at affordable cost. Many self storage services in the USA are offering disc locks at discounted price to their service users. These disc locks are known for heavy-duty and maximum security.

These all services together make self storage services in USA quite convenient and assuring to the safety and security of your material. But, you should always look for safety and security of the items above vicinity of the self storage units.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Self Storage Vs Traditional Storage

It is now a well known fact that self-storage facilities get more popular each year. Self-storage has emerged as a viable option for those people whose vacant garages or basements provide inadequate storage space. It is very flexible and convenient, be it for a new homeowner or a business proprietor. This is one of the most ideal solutions for every kind of storage requirements. Since the beginning of the 20th century, people have utilized their own unused spaces to store much of their belongings.

Then again, innovative concepts have surfaced and the more traditional storage methods are now surpassed by the self-storage alternative in more ways than one. Self-storage facilities handle every aspect of storage, from packing gears to transport supplies. Items ranging from furniture, documents, tools, vehicles and other valuables can be stored in self-storage units conveniently and securely.

Self-storage allows both individuals and businesses to take control of the time and the place where they would store their respective items. In that note, there is no surprise that the self-storage industry became very popular over the years. This resulted in what will be known as a safe, cost-effective and flexible option in storing your items. Fully enclosed and self-contained, these self-storage units vary in size, ranging from a space as small as a closet, all the way to spaces large enough to store huge crates, rows of filing cabinets, vehicles of all types or even your entire home furniture. These self-storage providers offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes which will solely depend on the clients specific needs or requirements.

The flexibility of self-storage is only limited by the self-storage facility terms of service. In other words, you could possibly store anything you want provided you are following the rules they set. You have every opportunity to choose the length of storage period. Again, this is according to what you have specifically required. Moreover, compared to traditional storage, the self-storage option is head and shoulders above it because of ease-of-use. The storage space you have leased is free for you to access anytime.

Aside from the number of reasons mentioned above, some self-storage facilities have added services that you will never get from traditional storage. Certain self-storage facilities have security systems like CCTV security cameras. Others provide climate control for your documents. Furthermore, there are existing multi-story storage facilities with advanced security measures like key card access which effectively secures your stored items. Payment methods are also flexible as most storage facilities do not require large initial bonds and accepts major credit cards.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

10 Tips for Selecting a Self-Storage Facility

At some point in almost everyone's life, they need to use a storage facility for short- or long-term storage of household or business items. Are all public storage facilities created equal? Heck no. This article focuses on the top 10 items to consider when selecting a place to store you valuable belongings. After all, whatever you are storing must have some meaning or value to you or you wouldn't be keeping it, right?

1. Location: One of the most important factors in considering a storage unit is where it is located. The storage facility should be conveniently located close to major freeways or highways and be somewhere in the vicinity of where you live or work (or in between) for ease of access. If you are moving and need short-term storage, consider the advantages of selecting a site that is closer to your old home or business or closer to the new one.

2. Security: Improvements in technology mean that security should be one of the most important criteria you take into account in selecting where to store your household or business items. The newer storage facilities provide high-tech security systems such as matching your gate access code to you individual storage unit. This means that when you enter the grounds and open the access gate, the same number you use to enter also unlocks your storage unit and then rearms it when you enter your code to exit the facility.

By the way, the most secure facilities should definitely have access gates and tall surrounding fences or walls. Another important security feature is video surveillance that record activity within and around the units. Finally, on-site managers help to ensure that your items are stored safely.

3. Insurance Protection: Most modern public storage facilities have storage insurance available if you do not already have your items covered under your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. Although there is a small likelihood that you will ever need it, catastrophic and other unforeseen events can happen.

4. Access Hours: Most quality storage facilities limit access to certain hours of the day. You will want to factor this into your decision so you have maximum access to your unit. Ideally, you should be able to access you unit seven days a week from early morning until well after 5:00 p.m. One thing to keep in mind: self-storage facilities that are open 24 hours are more likely to attract folks trying to live in their unit which is probably not what you want in a secure facility.

5. Pest Management: Depending on where you live, there may be a need for you to inquire about insects, mice, and rat management. Newer facilities tend to have fewer problems with pests but it is still important to ask the facility you are considering what their pest management protocol is.

6. Variety of Unit Sizes: If you have a small amount of items you want to store, that last thing you need is a unit the size of a one car garage. Self-storage facilities generally offer a range of unit sizes to their customers for both small and extra large needs such as furnishings for the entire household, auto and boat storage, and business files and supplies. With a selection to choose from to meet your needs, you don't have to pay for more than you need or try to stuff a small unit from floor to ceiling. When that happens, you increase the chance that you have to unpack the entire unit just to find one item.

7. Outside Storage: If you need to store an RV or other large vehicle, make sure the facility you select has the type of space you want. Some storage lots even provide covered parking for boat storage and RV storage.

8. Supportive Services: Most storage facilities provide a range of supportive services and supplies. They usually sell boxes and tape at a minimum but others will also have mattress, sofa, and chair covers for sale as well. Similarly, storage businesses also have dollies and carts they lend or rent to their customers. Whether you purchase boxes and coverings from your public storage facility or not, make sure to enclose your items well to best protect them from weather-related, dust or other damage.

9. Community Minded and Courteous Staff: The best storage facilities are operated by community minded folks who give back to the communities they serve. Self-storage facilities that offer a discount to seniors, those in the military and other folks who may be more subject to hard financial situations says something about their business philosophy. Facilities that accept deliveries are also an added bonus.

Like with all services, it is always best to do business with friendly, professional staff members. Although most of your interactions after you sign out will not involve much interaction with facility staff, it is always nice to know that customer service is a priority for any facility you select.

10. Terms of Service: In most cases, month-to-month rental of storage units is the preferred method of storage units. By selecting a month-to-month storage facility, you have the flexibility to set-up monthly payments in the event of longer needs without having to worry about entering into a contract you end up not needed.

With these resources in mind, you can find the perfect storage solution to meet your business or home storage needs.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Interesting Facts About Self-Storage Facilities

The self-storage facility business is ironically a thriving industry in an economy that is still trying to recover from recession aftershock. The industry advocacy group Self-Storage Association reports that self-storage is among the fastest growing real estate enterprises worldwide. In the U.S. alone, there are over 2.3 billion square feet devoted to personal storage - more than enough space for all Americans to actually stand all at the same time under the roof of the total self-storage space. Here are some more interesting things to know about self-storage.

How did it all begin?

The first publicly documented self-storage compartments hail back to ancient China where underground pits were used to store and preserve food. In the Middle Ages, the British offered "crating" services for noblemen and dignitaries who were away from home for long periods of time. The crates were kept in guarded stables and were sold by bankers. But the prototype of the modern self-storage units only emerged in the mid-20th century in the U.S. with rows of pre-fabricated metal garage units rented out to individuals who needed extra storage space. Since then, self-storage has evolved where today there are reportedly over 50,000 facilities in the U.S. owned and operated by more than 25,000 entrepreneurs.

What are the most common reasons why people use self-storage facilities?

The number one reason given by most people who rent out a self-storage unit is lack of storage at home. A great majority of those who avail of self-storage units are actually homeowners where one in 10 U.S. households is said to rent a self-storage unit. This may sound strange at first, but if you take into account the astronomical growth in consumption and retail sales then the industry boom is relatively easier to appreciate.

Other reasons include moving to a new home or renovating the home, keeping commercial inventory (popular among eBay sellers and other small businesses which cannot afford big warehouse spaces) and storing valuable property and documents.
What do people keep in self-storage facilities?

The most common things that people put into storage include:

1. Furniture: couches, dining tables, beds
2. Appliances: stoves, refrigerators, washers, cooling and heating units
3. Electronics: TV, old computers, audio equipment
4. Collector's items and other valuable possessions: antique furniture, rare and expensive artwork, jewelry, collectible objects such as old coins and booklets of stamps
5. Important documents and memorabilia. Family photographs, land titles, marriage certificates, writers' manuscripts and many more

What are some of the strangest uses of a self-storage facility?

While self-storage facilities have become almost a necessity for pack rats in today's consumerist society, there are also those who use it for some rather unusual (and unsavory) purposes. There have been reports of homeless individuals who have made the units their own dwelling until they were caught; a meth lab; a hideout for escaped criminals and an office by unlicensed medical practitioners. People also store some of the strangest items in their self-storage units - from illegal fireworks and weaponry, dead bodies to stolen space equipment from NASA.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Top Reasons For Using A Self Storage Facility

Below, we take a look at some of the more common reasons why people will use a self storage facility and the rationale behind the decision.

Relocation - If you have made the decision to leave the area and move far away, then it is not always possible to find a house with the same amount of room or move everything in one go. Therefore, self storage can come in really useful for people that simply do not have the resources or time to move everything with them and just need somewhere to store the extra things for a period of time.

Business / Commercial Needs - Storage is not always just for personal or household reasons, as you would be surprised how many businesses use self storage as an extra space in which to store things. Often, self storage can work out cheaper than expanding the business or shop, and quite often it is not possible to carry out expansions in our already built up areas.

Expansions - If you are planning to expand your home or business, then you sometimes need to move things out of the way to protect them from the damage that might occur. It is always better to move things out of the way rather than work around them, so by putting your things into self storage you can protect your possessions during your expansion.

Traveling - Everyone gets the urge to up sticks and travel around the world and some of us even do it, which is where self storage could be a brilliant alternative to just selling all of your things at a loss and then regretting it when you eventually come back. Whether you are a family going around the globe or just a couple going abroad for a year, self storage is an excellent way of keeping your things but not having to worry about spreading them out amongst family members and friends.

Long Term Requirements - Not all self storage rentals are for a couple of months, with many customers using the facility for a year or more as some people do require long term self storage for certain reasons.

Vehicle Storage - Some self storage facilities offer storage for motor homes and caravans, as generally people need to store these vehicles for many months of the year when they are not needed or in use and often do not have the space to do so.

House Clearance - It is a fact of life that people will pass away and if you are left needing to clear the house or home quickly but do not have the time or space to sort through the possessions in detail, then self storage is the ideal option, because it gives you the chance to take your time and make the right decisions rather than rushed ones.

Stock Movement - As a business, there are often times when you have more stock than you need or you are looking to rotate the stock due to seasonal or promotional offerings. If you can rent a medium to long term storage facility then you can use this as an extra stock facility without the need to expand your shop or business.

Although there are other reasons why people use a self storage facility, we believe that these are some of the top reasons why customers would look at using self storage for their immediate storage requirements.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three Dos Of Putting Things In Storage Units

Have you ever wondered how many things could an individual accumulate during his entire life? It'll be a lot for sure. Most individuals, especially women love to shop for clothes, accessories, home appliances, decors and many more. In just a few years, let say five years, you'll be surprised how much things you've amass and sometimes, you have to throw some of the things you've bought before. But if tossing them away is not an option for you and there's barely enough space in your home, don't let those things go to waste and get storage units.

Rather than putting all your extra things in the garage or small store room, why not rent a storage unit? You can simply put extra clothes, appliances, supplies (those that don't have expiry dates), furniture and many more inside storage units. Not only that you'll have a more spacious home to live in but your home will also be much more organized than before. Also, cleaning and maintenance of your home is a lot easier when you have separate storage units for your extra things. But what are the dos of putting things inside storage units?

Since you'll be storing them for quite a while, it's really important to "DO" place things such as mugs, clothes, supplies and other things in boxes and containers. With your things placed in bags and boxes, it's safe from dust and will get the adequate protection it needs, thus its quality is also maintained.

Next is to "DO" put some labels in the boxes. Put a category or simple label of what are the things that are inside that particular box. If you placed clothes, accessories and other things you wear, you can put a label such as "Things I Wear" in the box in order to make it easier to know what things are inside that box.

Relatedly, "DO" group similar things. When boxing things up, be sure to box the things that usually go with other items. For example, box clothes along with other garments and accessories. This will also make it easier to find things when you needed them instantly. You don't want spending most of your time opening all the boxes. With this, you'll be saving a lot of time in opening only the boxes that you need to open.

Rather than compromising the space of your home with all your things, especially those that have no use but have sentimental values, you can simply get storage units and store all the things you have and still have the right amount of space in your home for you to sit in and relax.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Railroad Ave Self-Storage FAQ

Are there any restrictions to the length of stay?

We have a month-to-month rental agreement with a one month minimum.

When do I have access to my storage unit? 

7 days a week, 365 days a year, 7am to 7pm.

What type of security does your facility have?

Controlled keypad gate access, video surveillance cameras, on-site resident manager, and well lit facility.

Do you offer Boat & RV Storage? 

Yes, we have a paved Boat & RV parking area that is well lit with separate keypad access.

Are my items in storage insured? 

We do not provide insurance for your possessions; however insurance is available and recommended.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Too Much Stuff?

Too much stuff? Store it safely with Railroad Avenue Self Storage in Fairfield, California. With gated access, multiple unit sizes, and onsite managers, they are sure to have the storage solution that's right for you. And every unit is ground level making drive-up access easier so you can get your belongings when you need them. Contact them today.