Thursday, July 30, 2015

Choosing the Right Self Storage Facility

There are many reasons to use a self storage facility. You might be between homes and staying at a hotel or with friends in the meantime. You might need to move into a smaller place for a little while, and don't want to get rid of your furniture and then have to buy all new things when you have more room again. Or you might just have too much stuff and too little storage space at home.

Whatever your reason, you will need to know how to choose a self storage facility that suits your needs. Here are a few things to consider.

1) How much space do you need?

Self storage facilities usually offer units in several different sizes. For instance, a small-size storage unit is typically about five feet by ten feet, which would hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment if packed tightly. Ten feet by ten feet is another common size for self storage units, and can hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or home. Garage-sized storage units are also common, and are used for larger homes and/or car storage.

Once you have figured out how much space you need, the first question you should ask each storage facility is what size units they have available. This way, you will be able to immediately eliminate any facilities that don't have the size you need.

2) How long do you need the storage unit for?

The length of time for which you are intending on storing your stuff can make a big difference when choosing between storage units. For instance, if you are only going to store your stuff for a couple of months, you will probably want to pay closer attention to rates and contract terms. On the other hand, if you are planning on long-term self storage, then the amenities each facility offers may weigh a little heavier on your decision.

3) What features are most important to you?

When you start looking at storage facilities, it is important to know which features you are willing to give up, and which you just have to have. For instance, if you are on a tight budget, price will probably be one of your deciding factors. Someone who works odd hours might require a self storage unit that doesn't lock down at 8 o'clock every night. Location is another thing many people aren't willing to negotiate on, especially with current gas prices.

4) Is the monthly rate a move-in special, or an ongoing rate?

Many storage facilities offer move-in specials in order to entice potential customers. Their goal is to make you sign the papers without continuing to shop around. Be sure to keep this mind, and don't let them trick you: Ask how long the move-in special will last, and how much the regular rate is. If you will need to use the storage unit for more than just a few months, you will probably want to compare regular rates as well as move-in specials.

5) How much is the deposit, and what are the terms?

Some self storage facilities require a deposit. When you are comparing prices between units, be sure to ask how much the deposit is, and what the terms are for getting it back after moving out.

6) What are the terms for moving out?

Even if you won't be moving your stuff out of self storage for a while, you will want to know a facility's terms before committing to anything. Most self storage facilities rent space month-by-month, which means that you can leave at any time. However, you will usually be required to notify the facility 30 days in advance.

7) What happens if you are late on a payment?

No one likes to think that they might not be able to pay their bills on time, but things do happen. Make sure you find out what the self storage facility's late policy is. Usually you will be charged some fees according to how late you are, and if you wait too long to pay, your belongings will be sold or otherwise disposed of. Ideally, you will want a grace period of a couple of months before this happens - this way, if you fall behind you will have time to get caught up without losing everything.

8) What amenities does the self storage facility offer?

There are a variety of amenities offered by self storage facilities. Some are climate-controlled, meaning that they are kept at a certain temperature (and sometimes a certain humidity, too); this type of environment is perfect for valuable items or collectibles that can be damaged by extremes in temperature or abrupt changes in humidity. Many have fences, gates, and security systems to protect customers' belongings. Extended hours, special padlocks, and on-site management are other amenities self storage facilities may offer.

9) Are you allowed to take the contract home with you?

Reading the contract for the first time during the sign-up process is dangerous for two reasons. One, the manager's office is generally not a good environment for concentrating on difficult-to-understand legalese. Two, the manager is usually waiting for you to finish and sign, which puts a lot of pressure on you. Perhaps as a combination of these two factors, many people quickly skim the document, and sign without fully understanding what they are agreeing to.

If you can take the contract home with you, you will be able to take your time reading it. Another advantage is the ability to compare contracts between different self storage facilities. The contracts will be similar in many places, but this way you can also make sure you don't agree to unfair terms that you could avoid by taking your business elsewhere.

Final Tips for Choosing a Self storage Facility

The best way to choose a self storage facility is to consider all your options carefully, and then choose the one that works best for you. This is easier said than done, however. When you are touring a storage facility, the manager's sales pitch usually sounds very convincing, and the move-in special very enticing - which is exactly the point.

To make sure you don't get sidetracked by convincing sales tactics, write out a list of the things you want to ask - then keep the list in your hand the entire time, to make sure you remember to check it. Get information first and make your decision later, when you can determine which self storage facility best satisfies your needs.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

When Do You Need a Self Storage Unit?

All of us need more space than what we currently have. With all the things that gets piled up at home or in our office, we need to find enough space to keep them away from the house without losing them forever. This is one of the reasons why self storage facilities are now becoming very in demand.

Self storage units are very convenient to have, especially when you have plenty of things you need to safely tuck away. Thankfully, storage facilities are located in convenient places; thus, they can be accessed easily. The services offered by these facilities are not only limited to homeowners who need more space at home. They also cater to the needs of business establishments by serving as a warehouse or inventory storage facility. Other reasons for getting a storage unit may include any of the following.

A Storage Space For Hoarders

There are individuals who have a hard time letting go of things, even when those things have become useless and broken over time. This condition is known as hoarding. Hoarding is basically the fear of throwing something away because the individual feels that they might need it someday. Failing to address this condition will only cause problems in the family home because the things hoarded can take up too much space in the house.

Getting a self storage unit can help hoarders in clearing some space in the home but still be able to keep the things they need and want. Self storage units can be rented for as short or as long as the client wants.

Selling A House

Storage units are also beneficial when you are selling your home. The fact is that a house becomes more attractive, especially to potential homebuyers, when there is less clutter. Homebuyers are also looking into houses that have enough space; thus, clearing out the clutter and unnecessary things at home will make the house more spacious. With that said, it is recommended to first de-clutter your house before putting it on the market.

This means that you have to pack away some unnecessary items, such as old lounges, ornamental pieces, and other pieces of furniture that are not essential at home. Since storage units come in various sizes, you can choose the right storage space you need for your items. Additionally, storage facilities can also provide you with a quote to assess the space you will need, and even help you move the items.

Space For Your Hobbies

Storage units can also provide the space you need if you have an elaborate hobby that needs space. For instance, storage units can come in handy if you collect and read books, magazines, or comics, or you need to store the things you've built, such as trains and tracks. You can even access the items whenever you want. The right unit will be able to provide you with the extra space you've always wanted.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Reasons for Using Self Storage Units

There might come a time when you won't have enough space in your home, office, or business premise to store important items, equipments, and inventory. You might find yourself wishing to move materials and equipments which are not needed for the time being and store it in another safe location. Because there is a growing need for additional storage space, storage facilities have come quite in demand. These facilities offer storage services which are very beneficial for individuals and businesses. Here are a few reasons why many people prefer using self storage units.

Convenience: The most common benefit of self storage services is the convenience it offers to individuals and businesses. Most people have valuables and belongings which they do not want to throw away, donate, or sell. These units offer a place where they can store these valuables safely and securely. In addition, these individuals are also able to access their personal belongings when they need to. Storage facilities can offer a secure offsite document and inventory storage which is very beneficial for businesses.

Security: This is very critical for many people, especially since they will be leaving their most prized possessions inside these facilities. Facilities offering storage services offer the ability to securely and safety store important items. This means offering 24/7 security and advanced security systems. There are even some facilities that allow their clients to use their own locks to secure the unit, while some facilities give their clients an access code to secure the gate.

Ease Of Access: Reputable storage facilities offer ease of access for their clients. Some facilities specify certain schedules when clients can access their units, while others offer 24/7 services. But despite the 24/6 access, the customer service will only be available during business hours. You just have to make sure that you are given access to your unit whenever you need it.

Options: Today, people are able to choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing storage units. For instance, there are facilities that can offer you with the exact storage unit size to accommodate your needs. For instance, if you need to store a single-unit apartment, there are companies can provide you with what you need. In fact, there are even facilities offering different kinds of storage facilities, such as for automobiles, boats, RVs, and so on.

These are a few reasons why people choose to avail self storage services. The benefits that these units offer are undeniable. These units can offer you additional space when you need one.

The writer of this post works for a reputable storage facility, such as US Storage Centers. She offers information about the common reasons why storage units are beneficial to help her readers learn more about these services.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Preparing Items For Storage In Self-Storage Facilities

Customers have the freedom to arrange their stored possessions in their rented facility whichever they choose. However, the responsibility for ensuring that these items are properly packed and protected from environmental elements falls on the customers themselves. It would be best to do some research on protecting important and precious items especially if they are to be stored for quite some time. Some items may require a climate-controlled environment while others may not. Owners should check what would work best since a storage facility with special features such as climate-control will cost more than those without.

In packing, customers should make sure to have the suitable packing materials such as boxes, bubble wraps, packing tapes, and marker pens. For storing needs that may require additional supplies such as racks, furniture covers, dust sheets, and floor boarding; most self-storage facilities will be able to assist in getting them either as rental or direct purchase although it comes with cost.

Storing furniture for example may require a certain way of packing to ensure their complete protection. Before packing however, furniture with fabric should be professionally cleaned to ensure that mold growth during storage will not happen. Those with glass components will have to be especially marked to prevent breakage as long-term storage usually dims the memory of which contains what.

Electronic items such as computers and television sets should be stored using their original boxes complete with all their accessories. Light bulbs should be removed and wrapped in towel or newspaper and placed in a separate box marked for fragile items. Metal items can benefit from a light coat of lacquer to prevent oxidation.

There should be extra care in storing books. Being made of paper, they are especially susceptible to mildew and staining. Depending on the condition of a book, cleaning may require the use of a simple magnetic dry cloth or a vacuum. Look for items in between pages such as paper clips and scraps of paper that may cause damage to the books while in storage and remove them.

It is not advisable to use large boxes for packing books because of the tendency to over pack a box which may not be able to withstand the weight. Choose the best quality cardboard box which will not expose the books to damage. Boxes that are chemically-purified usually do the job quite perfectly.

Business documents also require care in storing. It would be an advantage to have access to shelving supplies so that getting stored documents in the future will not present a problem. Big-sized items such as recreational vehicles can be safely stored in covered units that offer protection against the weather. Those types of items may require some special covering depending on the care needed.

Owners should take the time to check the structure of the self-storage facility itself. Clues that would reveal water leakage should be a major cause of alarm since water can destroy even the most carefully packed possessions. When in doubt, find a self-storage facility that provides more reason for customers to trust them.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Do You Need Self Storage Insurance?

Self storage insurance is something that a lot of people either don't know about or assume that they are automatically protected. The truth is that the scenario is different with every storage location, so there are a few important facts to always keep in mind. Here is a quick introduction to self storage insurance, what it is and how you can make sure that you are protected.

What is Self Storage Insurance?

Self storage insurance provides the same type of coverage that you get with renters insurance or home owners insurance. You are essentially a tenant of that unit because you are renting it and keeping your possessions in it. The key thing to remember is that you are not automatically covered, just because you are renting a storage space. Most storage facilities will have some very basic coverage such as flood and fire insurance, but it may not provide you with enough coverage to replace your items. More importantly, this isn't always the case.

How Much Self Storage Insurance Do You Need?

It can be difficult to decide how much insurance you need for your self storage unit and a little bit of research needs to be done in order to find the answer. The first thing that you need to do is talk to the company or person that owns your self storage unit. This will let you know if there is any insurance that you get automatically. If you do, it will probably be very basic coverage such as fire and flood. By knowing what insurance you will get automatically, you can make sure that you purchase as much additional coverage as necessary, without paying for coverage that you don't.

Another variable to consider when you are deciding how much self storage insurance that you will need is the value of the property that you are storing. The key is to make sure that you have enough coverage that all of your property is safe, but at the same time not paying for extra coverage that will not provide you with any real benefits. Obviously, you don't want to change your amount of coverage every time that you add or subtract something from storage, so make sure that you have a small cushion of coverage, normally between and additional 5% and 10% of the total value of your current property in storage should be enough.

You also want to make sure that your property is covered, regardless of what type of event damages them. The most common way that your property will be damaged is theft, so it is critical that you have theft coverage. Depending on the area that you live in, different types of weather could be factor as well, especially if it is wet or high in humidity fairly often.

Self Storage Insurance in Review

In the end, it is your job to decide how much and what kind of self storage insurance is best for you and your property. It is always a good idea to talk to the owner of the storage unit before buying insurance because they will let you know if any insurance is automatically included. Once you know what you have, it is much easier to determine what you need.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Moving? Know These Three Important Moving Tips

If the word doesn't create an overwhelming feeling within your head, the actual act of moving will. Moving is often the most chaotic moment in a person's life, and it is often considered to be more stressful than death. In order to avoid these issues, a person who is moving needs to be aware of the three most important moving tips that exist today. Experts agree that these tips can really make the difference between a nightmarish move and a stress free one.

Take your Time

The most important moving tip that is floating around out there is the one that tells you to take your time. Moving is going to be an overwhelming task that you feel you must rush to finish. Make sure that you plan ahead and provide yourself with enough time to get things done without having to push the schedule. Avoiding problems often comes down to having enough time built into the schedule to get things done. Do not rush to choose a moving company or method, pack slowly enough to make sure that things are not forgotten or broken, and plan in enough time to get everything to your new home in one piece.


Another great moving tip is the need to research things before you move. You should make sure to look into different moving methods first, various moving companies second, and helpful hints last. Choosing the right method for your move can potentially remove tons of stress from the overall process. The more research that you put into the various companies, the more likely you will be able to avoid a scam and a bad moving company. Finding hints and other in depth tips for packing, loading, and traveling can help make the entire move actually pleasant.

Use the Right Tools

There are lots of tools out there to help you through your move. A moving checklist is a great tool to help keep everything organized, while other tools, such as a black marker, can help you label boxes and keep things in order. Using the right tools at the right moments can be a true lifesaver when things get a little bit too chaotic to handle. Using the right tools at the right times is more important that which tools that you choose to use.

Keeping these moving tips in mind can help you make it through your move in one piece without the stress and hassle of chaos that might occur otherwise. Keeping these tips around can help you avoid problems when things start to get overwhelming.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Benefits of Renting Self Storage Facilities

In this time and age, space is increasingly becoming like precious time, oil, silver and gold. The lesser the commodity, the higher the demand. Just like oil, we cannot do without space, we need space for storage amongst many other things. Here are some benefits that come with renting a self storage facility.


Self storage, as its name suggest, can provide space for storing your things. Unlike time, you can get extra space for storage. Renting a self storage space can give you the extra space you need, be it to store your inventory, documents or equipment for your business or just extra furniture from your smaller house. These self storage facility provide you a storage space that you can take anything you have stored out and put anything you may want to store in.

Creating space

Believe it or not, a self storage space does not end where your storage slot is. It goes beyond the self storage facility, because by storing your things at a self storage facility, you are creating space at your shop, office or even home. By putting things that you seldom use, but still want to keep in a self storage facility, you are clearing it and making space for other possible usage of the space. For example, if you own an eatery, and you have extra machineries that you are not using at the moment, you can store it in the self storage facility. In turn, you can turn that space that you have just freed up into more tables to accommodate more customers, exchanging that for more income in the long run.

Fixed location

You do not have to worry about your items being moved or relocated to another place without your permission or without prior notice. In contrast to traditional storage methods, this is safer and more assuring.

Spoilt for choice

You can choose from the different variety of sizes that these self storage units come in. You only need to rent as big a space as you need for your items and thus you only pay for what you use.

Easy accessibility

Self storage spaces can be found all over the country right now because of its popular demand. This makes it easy to retrieve your things if you need them, you need not travel a great deal of distance just to get your things. More than that, if you are sharing a self storage facility with a friend, either of you can gain access to that self storage facility without having to trouble your friend.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Would You Use A Self Storage Facility?

Below, we take a look at our top reasons why people would use a self storage facility when it comes to storing their possessions.

Convenience - Convenience is a key reason why any of us would tend to steer towards using a self storage facility, because it offers us a convenient solution to our storage needs. Whether we just need a bit of extra space or we need to store some of our most treasured possessions, self storage is a convenient way of keeping the items we do not need regular access to but might need again one day.

Security - Even if you do not require the possessions or items at the time, you still want them to be secure which is another reason why you would use a self storage facility. You need to know that your possessions are in a secure environment and protected from all kinds of issues and dangers, which you cannot guarantee if you just chuck them in the loft or a garage to store your possessions.

Privacy - When it comes to documents and archiving, there are just some things that you do not want other people to see, which is why privacy is another factor when it comes to why consumers tend to use self storage facilities. From confidential documents through to private possessions, self storage facilities are ideal as they are secure and private meaning your documents and other types of confidential belongings are not going to be seen by anyone but you.

Protection - When we no longer need immediate access to our belongings, it can be quite likely that we just chuck them up into the loft or at the top of a cupboard in the bedroom. This is all good and well but this kind of adhoc storage will offer your possessions very little protection, especially when you consider that most lofts are damp and cold and that you will probably chuck more things on top and could therefore break them. Self storage offers your goods and possessions the protection against damage and weather wearing, which means that when you do need them again, they should all be in one piece and useable.

Affordable - One of the best aspects of a self storage unit is that they are often very affordable when compared to your other options, such as expansion or relocation, which makes this a cost effective way of storing extra goods when you no longer need regular access to them.

So, it is clear to see that there are some key reasons why people would use a self storage facility, mainly surrounding the security and privacy aspect, but most people would choose a self storage facility mainly because it offers a convenient way of storing things that you do not require immediate access to.

Dave Staley is the owner of Thornbury Self Storage, based in Bristol, offering self storage units to the areas of Gloucestershire, Bristol and the South West.
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Packing Things For Self Storage

It might be that you need a temporary storage or you need storage for a long time for your special items like vintage automobiles etc, renting out space at a self storage unit would be an ideal solution for you. Your items will be safe and secure in a self storage facility. After deciding to go with self storage facility, you need to plan for a smooth transition. You can avoid the stress of packing getting to you if you plan in advance. Even if you are planning to store only one or two items, early planning would give you a worry free experience.

. Think and list out all the items you are going to store in the storage unit. Separate, sort and organize those items. Get the packing supplies like rectangular durable boxes, bubble wrap, scissors, markers, packing tape etc ready.

. First, disassemble devices or furniture. Remove wheels. This saves you lot of space. Use tape to adhere things like bolts, nuts, screws to the place of the item where it came from. This will help re-assemble items whenever you want.

. Use bubble wrap, newspapers to wrap fragile items.

. Label all the boxes with their contents. Also add date, notes and other important details. This will help you sort your boxes during the packing. You can also easily access your items when you attach clear labels.

. Try to keep related items together. For example kitchen items like mixer and toaster should go into the same box. In case of moving, you can put this box directly in the kitchen.

. Also mark boxes which require careful handling as 'heavy', 'fragile' etc.

. Seal all the boxes.

You would require similar planning that you have done for packing for moving your items to self storage facility. It would ease your job of moving if your storage company provides elevators and hand-carts. Do not pack items in plastic bags. Mildew might damage your items.

. Keep a pack of packing supplies like markers, tape, bubble wrap. You may need these while moving your items in to the storage unit. Some storage companies sell these packing supplies on their site.

. Keep longer items vertically. See that you place heavier items at the bottom and light and small items on top.

. Place the items that you may not need to access frequently at the back of the unit and items you may require frequently at the front.

. You need to optimally utilize the unit space. Think wisely and logically. For example you may stack your chairs on top of each other. Keep similar things together.

. Your moving experience will be pleasant and less stressful if you plan well.

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