Monday, July 6, 2015

Packing Things For Self Storage

It might be that you need a temporary storage or you need storage for a long time for your special items like vintage automobiles etc, renting out space at a self storage unit would be an ideal solution for you. Your items will be safe and secure in a self storage facility. After deciding to go with self storage facility, you need to plan for a smooth transition. You can avoid the stress of packing getting to you if you plan in advance. Even if you are planning to store only one or two items, early planning would give you a worry free experience.

. Think and list out all the items you are going to store in the storage unit. Separate, sort and organize those items. Get the packing supplies like rectangular durable boxes, bubble wrap, scissors, markers, packing tape etc ready.

. First, disassemble devices or furniture. Remove wheels. This saves you lot of space. Use tape to adhere things like bolts, nuts, screws to the place of the item where it came from. This will help re-assemble items whenever you want.

. Use bubble wrap, newspapers to wrap fragile items.

. Label all the boxes with their contents. Also add date, notes and other important details. This will help you sort your boxes during the packing. You can also easily access your items when you attach clear labels.

. Try to keep related items together. For example kitchen items like mixer and toaster should go into the same box. In case of moving, you can put this box directly in the kitchen.

. Also mark boxes which require careful handling as 'heavy', 'fragile' etc.

. Seal all the boxes.

You would require similar planning that you have done for packing for moving your items to self storage facility. It would ease your job of moving if your storage company provides elevators and hand-carts. Do not pack items in plastic bags. Mildew might damage your items.

. Keep a pack of packing supplies like markers, tape, bubble wrap. You may need these while moving your items in to the storage unit. Some storage companies sell these packing supplies on their site.

. Keep longer items vertically. See that you place heavier items at the bottom and light and small items on top.

. Place the items that you may not need to access frequently at the back of the unit and items you may require frequently at the front.

. You need to optimally utilize the unit space. Think wisely and logically. For example you may stack your chairs on top of each other. Keep similar things together.

. Your moving experience will be pleasant and less stressful if you plan well.

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