Saturday, October 31, 2015

Railroad Ave Self-Storage FAQ

Are there any restrictions to the length of stay?

We have a month-to-month rental agreement with a one month minimum.

When do I have access to my storage unit? 

7 days a week, 365 days a year, 7am to 7pm.

What type of security does your facility have?

Controlled keypad gate access, video surveillance cameras, on-site resident manager, and well lit facility.

Do you offer Boat & RV Storage? 

Yes, we have a paved Boat & RV parking area that is well lit with separate keypad access.

Are my items in storage insured? 

We do not provide insurance for your possessions; however insurance is available and recommended.

Friday, October 30, 2015

3 Major Benefits Of Utilizing Your Neighborhood Self Storage Units

There is no doubt that life typically comes with a lot of stuff. So, where are we supposed to put all of this stuff? If we all bought enormous houses that were big enough to house all of our things then we would have no room in which to enjoy them. There has to be some sort of compromise so that individuals and families can continually grow and accumulate items throughout their lifetimes. The simple answer to this everyday problem lies within your very own neighborhood self storage units. In fact, utilizing these facilities might actually afford you quite a few benefits.

1. Save Time

When we have things to store we sometimes utilize our friends and family in an effort to save money and keep things as simple as possible. However, the opposite is usually what ends up being the truth. Self storage units allow you to save time asking other people for help, they limit the amount of driving you have to do to access your items, and they streamline your life in such a way as to free you up to actually enjoy what you have stored. It may seem more convenient to store your things on a loved one's property, but at the end of the day you would be best served by avoiding this altogether.

2. Live how you want to Live

Being able to access your stored items whenever you need them is really quite important, especially when you consider how unpredictable life can be. You never know when you might need something of yours, and being required to wait for someone else's permission or admission can be downright frustrating to say the least. Life is much easier and more enjoyable when you can come and go as you please. In order for you to have the items of your choice while still being able to live the life you want, you are probably going to have to use some kind of self storage unit at some point.

3. Save Money

Some people might think that using a self storage unit might cost too much money, but the truth of the matter is that you may actually end up saving some cash if you ever use a self storage unit. The price of building a garage is staggering, and personal storage sheds can be pretty expensive as well. Public storage units make it possible for you to pay a very menial fee in exchange for personalized access to your most prized possessions. On top of that, you will not be required to pay property tax on the unit, nor will you be forced to move your belongings because you relocate. Self storage units are at your disposal 24/7 despite your current address, and they stay that way until you stop paying your dues. Choosing the right self storage unit is just a matter of looking and paying attention to customer reviews. Most cities have multiple units available to citizens, which truly helps consumers find competitive pricing. Shop around and use self storage for your benefit.

Follow the below guidelines when you store your items in a self storage.

* The items that you are going to store should be clean and dry.

* You need to pack some of your items appropriately. For example wrapping items made of glass or porcelain in newspapers is not a good idea. They may break in this kind of packing. You need to pack them with a bubble wrap. Also there is one more danger that the ink from the newspapers may get may get deposited on the glass items.

* In case of furniture which have doors, you need to close them. They should be taped so that they will not open.

* Avoid packing books in large cartons, they become heavy. Pack them in smaller cartons.

* Wrap each dish with a packing paper.

* If you have lamp shades, pack each one in its own box and stuff lots of paper or cloth.

* Label the boxes with their content. This would save you lots of time when you unpack them or when you need only a certain item from the storage unit.

* It is always a good idea to insure your items. They may get damaged accidentally or by a natural calamity. Check if your storage company is providing insurance.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Six Tips For Efficiently Using Storage Units

There comes a time in life when we all just need a little extra space. It could be that you've just moved to a new residence, and there isn't as much room as you first thought. Or you have to share an abode with a roommate, and you have to free up some real estate for them. Or, just maybe, you have a few more valuable items than you have the capacity in your home to hold them.

Before you agonize over what to keep and what to throw away, consider an alternative avenue. Storage units are a popular option for people who need a holding area for their personal belongings outside of their home. When you start looking into this option, use these six helpful tips on getting the most out of your rented repository.

1. Label liberally. You may know where everything is when you first pack your stuff into your designated cache. That doesn't mean you will remember where everything is when you come back in a few months looking for that expensive china. If you want to avoid this, label all of your items. A permanent marker will be your best friend for this task.

2. Keep it under wraps. You will want to keep everything either wrapped or closed tightly while it is put away. Just because your items are in secured holding, this alone will not protect them from dust or little critters that may decide to move into your stuff. Seal all of your containers and boxes, or use industrial plastic wrap to keep them safe.

3. Watch the weight. As redundant as it may sound, keep your lighter objects out from under the heavier ones. Don't rely solely on the strength of your containers to protect your things, especially if you are keeping them in cardboard boxes. Stack your belongings starting with the heaviest and sturdiest, following with the lightest and more fragile on top of them.

4. Mind the floor. It is very possible that rainwater could seep under the door of your repository, or that something could spill in a neighboring area and leak under the wall into your space. Solutions to this include placing your valuables on pallets or using a protective covering on the floor.

5. Unpack with care. When you load everything into your holding area, be sure to take your time. If you have a lot of gear to store, it can be extremely tough to get back in and rearrange things once you've got half the truck unloaded. Plan your approach, and use all available room as best as you can.

6. Protect your repository. Storage units also need to be taken care of, not just the items held in them. Make absolutely sure that you have a strong and reliable lock to secure your stash. The premises you use may be very safe, but there is always a chance that an unscrupulous thief may come calling.

Using storage units effectively will help save you time and effort while protecting your personal effects.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Most Common Self Storage Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Self storage is a great solution if you have too much furniture, are in the process of moving, are redecorating your home or perhaps you're a business with too much stock or office equipment. Either way, these facilities are incredibly handy but in order to utilise them the best you can, here are some of the most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

Too much stuff

It's very easy to underestimate how much stuff you have and overestimate how much space you have in your storage unit. This then leaves you stuck in the situation where you have to cram everything in and chances are, you'll never be able to find what you're looking for when you need it.

In order to avoid this situation, always get more space than you think you need. Not only will this allow you to store your belongings in a more orderly fashion, it will also enable you to add additional items later on.

Not covering furnishings

Although you can get incredibly close, no storage unit is completely air tight. Dust will always find a way to get in even when you've taken precautions such as weather stripping the bottom of the doors. When storing your furnishings for long periods of time, make sure you put a protective covering over them. Something as simple as an old sheet or a dust cover can protect valuable items such as rugs, mattresses, sofas and any other furniture.

Failing to plan

It might sound a bit excessive but having a self storage plan is well worth it. If you go in blindly you will end up running out of space, storing heavy boxes on top of fragile ones, creating towering stacks that are a disaster waiting to happen and as for being able to find something without rummaging through every single box, no chance.

Drawing out a map of which boxes will go where is a great way of ensuring no accidents happen and you will be able to locate where everything is within seconds.

Forgetting to pay

It might sound crazy but some people end up keeping their belongings in self storage for years and years which means it can become easy to forget about. As seen on the popular television programme, Storage Wars, if your account falls too deeply into areas, your items will be auctioned off. Of course no facility wants to do this but if you move or change your number without letting them know and they can't get hold of you, they will have no choice. Most places offer different payment options whether you prefer to pay up-front or set up a monthly direct debit. Don't forget to update your contact details as well because this is a simple but common mistake.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

How Self Storage Can Help Keep Your Business Costs Down

Self storage is a great solution when you have too much stuff and not enough space. It's not just great for personal use however, self storage is being used more and more by businesses thanks to the benefits involved. Aside from the obvious benefit of freeing up much-needed office space however, what are the financial gains of using such a facility?

Cuts back on office space

Take a walk around your office and make a note of how much space is being wasted. Whether there are empty desks, filing cabinets which never get opened, marketing collateral that will last a lifetime, jam-packed stock rooms, unused printers or endless supplies of paperwork - added up, all these things take up a huge amount of space.

If you had to remove all of these things and keep them in self storage, you could cut back on your office space. Renting a smaller premises will no doubt be cheaper which means that your business is making an easy saving every single month.

Makes a great alternative to a warehouse

If you are a company that deals with a lot of stock going out and coming in then chances are that you have a warehouse to house all these goods. Self storage units are a great alternative to this however because it allows companies who may not have large inventories to store their products at minimum cost.

Allows you to buy in bulk

We all know that buying in bulk is a great way to save money and secure discounts. Unfortunately, space doesn't always allow for this and those working from an already cramped office are forced to buy things as and when they need them.

Using a self storage unit allows you to buy any stocks or supplies you need and as it's kept off the premises it won't take up valuable space.

Already comes with security

If you keep anything particularly valuable in your office or you deal with documents of a sensitive nature, then chances are that you're paying a fortune to have security minding the office overnight. Self storage facilities already have these measures in place and the best part is that you don't have to pay any extra for it. By storing all the valuable and sensitive items in your unit, you can be rest assured that they are being well-protected and you don't have to pay a fortune for additional security at your office.

MStore offers self storage for all your domestic, business and specialist requirements. To use the space calculator, find your nearest store or view our special offers, please visit our website
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Difference Between Long Term Public Storage and Short Term Self Storage

There are many reasons today why you may find yourself in need of a good storage facility. Maybe you are downsizing or between homes, have possessions that you can't bear to part with but that are cluttering up your new, tiny apartment, have boxes of business documents that are taking over your office, are relocating or traveling overseas for an extended period of time or maybe you just bought a new car and actually need to reclaim the garage. Whatever your needs might be, there are storage solutions available for you.

Short Term Self Storage

This option is being utilized all over the country. Convenient, flexible and easy to use, self-storage is perfect for short-term transitions.

Self-storage is provided in clean, secure, sometimes climate controlled environments in specialist facilities. You choose the size of your storage locker, which can range from a small closet style to the size of an apartment, and determine what length of time you need the locker for. Self-storage is rented month-to-month and you can upgrade or downgrade your locker as your requirements change.

For self-storage you apply your own lock to the storage unit and are the only one with access to your belongings. You are free to come and go as you please and remove and replace items at will. There is no charge for accessing the facility and you can do so at times that are convenient to you (subject to storage opening hours).

With self-storage you are responsible for packing your belongings and delivering them to the facility. You choose how best to fill your locker or storage space, which allows you the freedom to put items you might need frequently at the front, and seldom used belongings at the back.

When you decide you no longer need the storage locker you simply pack up your possessions and move them out. Many self-storage agreements can be terminated on short notice allowing you a lot of flexibility with your storage needs.

Long Term Public Storage

What if you are in need of a more permanent storage solution?

Perhaps you are relocating overseas for a number of years or traveling and don't want to sell all your worldly possessions. Maybe you inherited some antique furniture that won't fit in your current home but you are planning on upsizing in a year or two. Maybe you have a classic car, boat or other item that you will not be using for a while. This is where long-term public storage comes to your aid.

With this kind of facility the management has more control over the care of your possessions (when you are away overseas this is a comforting notion.) They organize the storage of your goods and ensure that everything is packed away properly for long-term storage.

Usually with long-term storage you will be provided with a lease that will normally save you money over the month-to-month rentals. Access is by authorization only and this keeps your belongings secure while you are away. Some companies use giant containers in climate controlled warehouses for long-term storage while others use regular looking storage facilities.

In the end, which storage facility you choose, is determined by your particular storage needs. Both long-term public storage and short-term self-storage offer great solutions for people and their possessions. The peace of mind in knowing your belongings are being kept in a secure environment is paramount (especially if you are out of the country). Rather than relying on friends or relatives to store your precious belongings it is much better to rely on the professionals.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Many Benefits And Uses Of A Self-Storage Unit

Who hasn't at one point in their lives complained about not having enough space or a bigger room? This is why the self-storage facility was created and why it has been one of the fastest growing industries in the last two centuries. Aside from owning your own house or your own business address, a self-storage unit may be the next best piece of real estate you need to consider. Here are some of the many purposes and reasons for getting one:

1. A mover's convenient back-up plan. Say you're about to move to a new home, back with your new family or you're a student moving into your college dormitory. Whether it's a planned change of address or an unforeseen circumstance, a self-storage unit can help ease that worry about getting all of your things from one house to the next - especially if you are making the move on a limited time. Renting a self-storage unit for a month or two will help ease the stress and worry about renting a big van just so you can haul out your stuff in one day and then finding out that there is not enough space in the new home.

2. When you're renovating or remodeling your house. Self-storage units are a great help when you need to secure your valuable property for a short period of time while you're repairing or expanding a section of your home. Most of the self-storage facilities these days are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems so you can have peace of mind that your stuff is protected.

3. Start and keep your own collection. If you have a growing collection of artwork, photographic equipment or anything which you feel needs a special place that your current home does not have, renting a self-storage facility can be a practical solution. There is a growing number of self-storage facilities designed to hold special collections of items. They can be built underground for sub-zero temperatures, with sound-proofed or shock-proof walls, climate-controlled or computer monitored. There are even self-storage units that are designed like wine cellars complete with a wine-tasting section. You don't have to worry about incurring expensive construction costs in your own house but still keep your collection protected from the elements.

4. An affordable extension of your garage. Dreaming of buying a boat but don't have the space in your property to put it in? Using your garage for other things than parking your cars? Consider a self-storage unit. They are affordable alternatives to building a second garage. Aside from this, you can rest assured that they won't be stolen or vandalized unlike if they're just covered with a tarp and parked in front of your house.

5. Warehouse space for your small business. Small or start-up businesses like catering, selling food stuff or even selling online can benefit from a self-storage unit which will hold the extra inventory of goods you can't store in your house. With a self-storage unit you can keep track and monitor what goes in and out and arrange them according to your business needs.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

5 Things to Beware of Before You Choose a Storage Space

So you have finally decided that you need a storage facility, maybe because your family is expanding and so is your stuff or maybe you just want to clear up a little extra space. Whatever your reasoning one thing is for sure; storage spaces are a great way to help you organize your life. But before you call up the storage facility nearest you, there are a few things renters should beware of.

Below we listed five things renters should familiarize themselves with before they take that next step and rent a space. Renters are also encouraged to do the research themselves and learn everything there is to about renting a space.

1. Storage facilities are never exactly alike. Depending on where you rent you will have to deal with things like; customer service, grounds cleanliness, hours of operation, etc. It is up to you to do the research and find which storage facility fits your needs best. Those who own storage facilities are keepers of your precious belongings and you would not turn things over to just anyone would you? It is your responsibility to make sure you know all about the storage facility before you commit to it.

2. Although storage facilities may provide a little more security than your home, burglaries do happen. You would never want to store something that is priceless to you, such things should be kept in a bank. Be aware of what is going into your storage unit and take inventory. It is also good to occasionally do a thorough check to make sure everything is still there. Also, one thing to look for at a storage facility are their security cameras. Questions to ask may be; How often is someone guarding the premises? Or are there any hidden cameras?

3. Some storage facilities raise their rent, before you commit you must ask what is the constant going rate, also see if you can get a written agreement to lock in your price.

4. Remember to make the most use of your storage space. Remember when you were a kid and Dad would pack the car before a vacation? Did he utilize every ounce of space possible or just throw things into the car carelessly? Making the most from your small rented space is smart. To get the most from your investment it would be wise to disassemble anything that can be taken apart and pack everything as neatly as you can.

5. Check with the storage facility and see what their insurance policy is. Most storage facilities are not liable for your belongings so if they do not offer some type of insurance, you should consider getting it from an outside source.

These five things that renters should make themselves aware of are not to scare anyone from renting a storage space. Overall, a storage facility is a wise decision for anyone looking to free up some space in their home or apartment. However renters should beware of what they are getting into. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more prepared you will be in the long run.

Paul Darden is owner and CEO of AA @ Ben White, the only Austin self storage facility with a 24/7 onsite management team. Darden specializes in the brokering, marketing, feasibility studies, and developing of self-storage personally brokering over 130 self-storage facilities throughout the southwest to both national and regional self-storage operators. If you are looking to move and if you need self storage in Austin visit
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here Are Lesser Known Benefits Of Self Storage

Most people are already aware of the benefits of self storage. For starters, it allows you to store belongings that you don't really need. Since it's a self storage option, you can access your belongings anytime you need to.

These benefits are more than enough reasons why more and more people are taking advantage of it. Judging from the popularity of these units, it seems that people are now recognizing the importance of renting a storage unit.

Lesser Known Benefits

Just in case you're not yet sold on the whole idea of using such a unit, here are lesser known benefits that users are getting out of using one:

• It makes the process of selling a home easier.

Selling a home that's packed with junk can be very hard. You want the prospective buyer to visualize your home as their new home. You'd want the prospective buyer to easily visualize what they can do to your home to make it their own and it's hard to do that with all the junk lying around.

As an added bonus, you're going to make your home look more spacious. With all that extra space, you can easily sell your home because your home will give this impression that it's bigger than it really is.

• It makes moving easier.

If you're moving homes or offices, it's a good idea to do it in batches. This is especially true since there are a lot of things in your present home or office that you wouldn't need in your new place. You can simply place these things in a self storage unit and just move them whenever needed.

• It makes renovation easier.

This is one of the benefits of self storage that you should know. It's pretty hard to renovate if there are a lot of appliances, furniture and other stuff lying around you home. You'd have to move them regularly which will take a lot of time and effort. In addition, you can easily damage your things with all the renovations that you're going to do.

This is why it's a good idea to just place your stuff in a self storage unit. This way, those doing the renovations will have an easier time doing so and you can prevent accidents to your belongings that can prove to be very costly.

How about the Cost?

Of course, you need to pay in order to take advantage of these benefits of self storage. The question is - is it worth it?

The cost is a very small price to pay if you're going to consider all the benefits that you're going to get. If you're selling your home, you can easily recoup your investment in a unit once you've sold your home. If you're moving or renovating, the efficiency that you'll get will help you save a lot of time, effort and money.

The most important thing is you choose a company wisely. Make sure that you do your research well and choose the best unit for your needs.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Your Self Storage Unit Is Waiting For You

Let's face it, everyone needs a place where they can store a few extra things from time to time. Many people make the decision to store their things in their basement. What they don't realize is that this is perfectly good space that is going unused. If you are hoping to use that extra space in your basement, it's time to start thinking about cleaning it out. Rather than getting rid of things that you may need, consider putting them into a self storage unit.

You will be pleased to know that you can get a storage unit for a very affordable price. There are a number of different sizes available. It's up to you to stop by your local storage facility to look at the different units. This will help you to decide what size would be best for you. Keep in mind, the amount of money that you will have to pay for your unit is going to depend on the size. Therefore, you want to be very economical if possible.

Another benefit of self storage is that you can keep your things in storage for as long as you like. You aren't going to have to sign a contract stating that you will keep your things in for a certain amount of time. However, some storage facilities will give you a discount if you pay for six months at a time. Every situation is going to be different. This is why you will want to visit the website for your storage facility or even stop by when you have some extra time.

You will be the only one who has a key to your storage facility. Therefore, you don't have to worry about whether or not your things are going to be safe. If you are getting transferred through your work and you need a safe place to store your things until you can get to them, you can put them into self storage for now.

Nobody is going to bother your things as long as you stay current on your monthly payment. This way, you don't have to worry about storing your things with friends or family. When you decide what you are going to do with them, your things will be waiting for you. Stop by your local storage facility today and find out what they can do to help you. You will be surprised at how affordable it is to store your things.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

How To Pack And Use Your Self Storage

Moving your belongings out of your home can be stressful and time-consuming when you are unprepared. Whether you are relocating the belongings to a new home or self storage unit, it's advisable to plan your packing and storing to safeguard against damage. Planning will also allow you to maximize the space in a storage unit you rent. Use the following guidelines to perform this job productively and efficiently.

To start your packing, decide what you want to put into your storage unit. Go from room to room and browse through your items. Some items, such as flammable and weather-sensitive assets, should not be stored in a regular storage unit. Food and drinks should not be placed in a storage unit. These can attract rodents and insects. After you decide what you want to store, organize how you will pack it. This is where maximizing space first comes in handy. Use empty spaces to put items that can't easily be packed into containers. Even if you have not emptied spaces that will be vacant when you move the item, envision how you will use that space. For instance, empty drawers and refrigerators will have plenty of room for storing large figurines and tools. As you are packing your items, ensure you use cushioning to protect fragile items such as glass and plastic. Breakables can be stored in a container with bubble wrap or newspapers wrapped around them. Use a permanent marker to clearly label the contents of every container. If you use plastic containers, write the contents of the container on tape and place the tape on the container.

As you start to move your effects into your storage unit, don't haphazardly throw them in. This can damage the belongings and keep you from locating needed items at a later date. Instead, draw a diagram detailing the location of your items. Place the assets you will need more frequently or in the near future close to the front of the storage unit. Make sure you create a path down the middle of the unit to easily access your things. The placement of the items is important. To make use of the vertical space, place heavier items on the bottom unless you build a stack with containers of similar size and weight. Heavy stacks should be placed against a wall or in a corner for support. Fragile and sensitive items should be place on top of stacks. You can build a stack resembling a pyramid to stabilize the stack.

Storing your items can be done in a timely, labor-saving, and orderly fashion when you plan ahead of time. Making use of unoccupied space and providing adequate cushion for your fragile items is a practical way to make the most of the area you have to store stuff in while protecting delicate assets. By using these guidelines, packing and storing can be straightforward and simplified.

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