Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Self Storage Vs Traditional Storage

It is now a well known fact that self-storage facilities get more popular each year. Self-storage has emerged as a viable option for those people whose vacant garages or basements provide inadequate storage space. It is very flexible and convenient, be it for a new homeowner or a business proprietor. This is one of the most ideal solutions for every kind of storage requirements. Since the beginning of the 20th century, people have utilized their own unused spaces to store much of their belongings.

Then again, innovative concepts have surfaced and the more traditional storage methods are now surpassed by the self-storage alternative in more ways than one. Self-storage facilities handle every aspect of storage, from packing gears to transport supplies. Items ranging from furniture, documents, tools, vehicles and other valuables can be stored in self-storage units conveniently and securely.

Self-storage allows both individuals and businesses to take control of the time and the place where they would store their respective items. In that note, there is no surprise that the self-storage industry became very popular over the years. This resulted in what will be known as a safe, cost-effective and flexible option in storing your items. Fully enclosed and self-contained, these self-storage units vary in size, ranging from a space as small as a closet, all the way to spaces large enough to store huge crates, rows of filing cabinets, vehicles of all types or even your entire home furniture. These self-storage providers offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes which will solely depend on the clients specific needs or requirements.

The flexibility of self-storage is only limited by the self-storage facility terms of service. In other words, you could possibly store anything you want provided you are following the rules they set. You have every opportunity to choose the length of storage period. Again, this is according to what you have specifically required. Moreover, compared to traditional storage, the self-storage option is head and shoulders above it because of ease-of-use. The storage space you have leased is free for you to access anytime.

Aside from the number of reasons mentioned above, some self-storage facilities have added services that you will never get from traditional storage. Certain self-storage facilities have security systems like CCTV security cameras. Others provide climate control for your documents. Furthermore, there are existing multi-story storage facilities with advanced security measures like key card access which effectively secures your stored items. Payment methods are also flexible as most storage facilities do not require large initial bonds and accepts major credit cards.

Drew Mers is a marketing consultant to one of the largest independently owned storage companies, with self storage in New Jersey
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  1. I'm gonna have to go with traditional storage. First, because it takes much of the physical burden out of your house, clearing it for an office or a sound room or whatnot. Second is it ensures that your stuff is guarded by top surveillance and professionals, doubling the security.

    Allan @ General Store-All