Thursday, August 20, 2015

Useful Tips For Storing Items In Self Storage

Self storage is very beneficial to many people these days. Thanks to these rental units, families and business owners today can keep their valuable belongings in a safe place for as long as they want and at a price they can well afford.

When using these self storage units, however, it is important to know how to pack your items properly and organize them. This will make sure that you keep your personal belongings in good condition and allow you to easily access them if the need arises.

Packing tips

The packing process should not be that difficult if you have the right materials and you know how to organize your stuff. Use sturdy boxes if possible because sealed plastic bags are prone to mildew buildup when moisture creeps in. Apart from the boxes, the other materials you will need are a marker, packing tape, scissors or cutter, paper, bubble wrap, towels and Styrofoam.

When packing your items, fill boxes to capacity to avoid breakages. But keep in mind not to make them very heavy. What you should do is to divide the heavy items into several boxes. Make sure to put the heavy ones on the bottom first and fill the top part with lighter items.

Fragile or breakable items including antiques will have to be wrapped individually. Use plain paper and not the newspaper to avoid staining ceramics, glasses and mirrors. Do fill in gaps using bubble wrap, paper or towels to keep the items steady during transport and storage.

Labeling all the sides of your boxes is also very important for easy identification of the contents. Mark breakable items as fragile.

Organizing tips

Organize your boxes in the self storage unit in a way that you can access your items easily. Create an alley in between the stacks of boxes particularly in the center, sides and the back part so you can move around if you need to access items every now and then.

If you don't want the boxes to touch the floor space, you can first put protective sheeting or boards on the floor. This will protect your items from moisture buildup.

When stacking your boxes, put the heaviest ones on the bottom first to avoid damaging items in the other boxes. The lighter ones should then be placed on top. Stack boxes of similar sizes to save on space.

As for furniture, keep them away from the walls. Metal objects should also not rest on other items that are prone to damage.

If you have large appliances to store such as drawers, fridges and washing machines, you can also fill them with small boxes and other items to maximize available space.

Finally, you can use moisture absorbers, deodorizes and vermin bait if you doubt the environment at your preferred storage facility. But you can always ask the management first about the pest control system they implement within their premises.

Keep in mind that you will only enjoy your peace of mind if you have packed your items well and organized them properly in the self storage unit.

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