Monday, June 2, 2014

Top 4 - List Of Things To Check If The Storage Cost Is Right

There are so many self storage companies nowadays and many a time customers are left to wonder why storage rates differ among each company. Many customers think that all self storage is the same, there are no special services provided and it's simply "store and leave". Many considerations run through the mind of potential customers. Considerations are those such as location, security, convenience, reputation of the company and cost. However, cost is often the last to be taken into consideration.

Good Location

One of the most important things to check is the location of the storage company. Is the location convenient? Are there ample parking spaces and is it near any public transport facilities? Is it located centrally or is it located at the end of the island? Often, the more central the location is, the higher the rental charges.


How easy is it to self store with the company? Are you able to access your item anytime you want at anytime of the day? Are there workers around to assist you when you need them? Is there a minimum duration you need to store with them or can you stop storing with them whenever you want? Does the company provide after business hour support?

Customer relation service

Does the company provide a good customer relation service? When you have any enquiries, does the staff serve you genuinely and know their product well or are they just trying to brush you off? Does the company provide after sales follow up service or they simply ignore you after the contract is signed?


Security around the self storage facility as well as inside it is important. The things you wish to store may be an expensive one and may also be a priceless one in terms of sentimental value. You want to know that your item is there when you open it. Does the storage facility have a security fence surrounding it? Do they have security cameras installed and what are the locks used? How do you access your items? Do they have a PIN system?

Many factors contribute to the price of the self storage facility. A cheap one may provide you with the most basic amenities and are located in an isolated part of the city. It may also not provide good security features. On the other hand, an expensive one may be centrally located in town, with good customer service and good security features. Look for a place with the best overall value for money.

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