Saturday, June 14, 2014

3 Tips Using Self Storage for Spring Cleaning

It's the end of the year again! The time has come to start your spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is the best time to get rid of old and unwanted items in your house and start redecorate your home. It is also the time to properly arrange all of your things at home and store them in a proper place that you can easily access when you need them. One of the best aids that you can get is to rent a self storage unit during this period. The best benefit of a self storage unit is that you can store all the things that you do not need at the moment and access them when you finally do.

Plan and sort

It may seem like a daunting task to start spring cleaning and reorganise all of the things. It is thus important to plan for this event and know what to do and how you should start. Always plan to start way in advance so that you have sufficient time to react to any unforseen circumstances. One method is to go room by room. Start by cleaning out the biggest to the smallest room. You should have one hand plenty of boxes to place items in them. Always remember to label them so that you know what is in them. Try to put things of the same classification in the same box.

Throw away

If you realised that there are items which you have not used for a long time, perhaps it is time to throw them away. After you have finished the plan and sort part, decide on what the things that you wish to keep are and what you want to get rid of. If they are still in pristine condition, consider donating them instead of throwing them away. By getting rid of old and unwanted items, you will have more space for things that are more important. You can also have space for new things to further enhance the aesthetics of your home.


After all the planning, sorting and throwing away of things, it's time to move on to the self storage unit. You should always place boxes that contain items which you will hardly use but are not meant to be thrown away. Items which you will frequently access should be placed nearest to the door so that they can be easily taken when needed.

Self storage units are an excellent way for all of your needs. Not only can they help to organise your homes, it also provides additional space so that you have space for more.

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