Friday, January 3, 2014

Store Anything But Not Everything In A Self Storage

Are you planning to sell your home or leaving to home for summer? Are you in need of space to keep your things temporarily? Do you feel your home or office is messing up with unused things? Here is the solution, the self storage.

Self storages are designed to store anything you wish to store. You can use them for storing your unused furniture, clothes, books, bags, office equipment, vehicles etc. Though the storage unit allows you to store anything, there are certain limitations from storing everything in it.

When you are planning to store, business or personal things, consider the restrictions on the items imposed by the storage unit. These restrictions are for security purpose, not only for you but also to the facility staff and other customers. All these will be usually documented and you need to sign a lease indicating that you adhere to all the terms and conditions proposed by the unit. Also, many self storage operators are performing background checks or procuring finger prints for safety.

Below are some of the items, which self storage units do not allow.

1. Toxic Materials: Toxic materials like fertilizers, paint, cleaning oils, biological wastes, chemicals, acids, grease etc are not be allowed to store at a self storage.

2. Flammable Materials: Gas, fireworks, fuels, kerosene, oil etc. Simply, anything which catches fire are not allowed.

3. Vehicles: Vehicles are generally acceptable at storage units, provided they are legally registered, insured and in operational status. Storage management will not allow heavier vehicles like trucks and lorries due to maintenance issues. Also, the vehicles need to be inflated before storing.

4. Food Products: Perishable foods like meat etc are not be allowed in self storage. Also items that attract pests and insects will be prohibited. However, canned foods are allowed.

5. Living Beings: Any animal / plant live or dead will not be allowed to store.

6. Radio-active materials: Any chemical or medical equipment which are radioactive should not be stored.

7. Aerosols: Aerosols or any pressurized inflammable items, which could burst and can cause accidents, are strictly prohibited at self storage units.

8. Weapons: No weapons are allowed into a self storage.

Also, items which produce heavy odor, prescriptions by doctors, heart surgery equipment, x-rays etc generally, are not be allowed in a self storage. Not all facilities will allow you to store precious jewels and antique items unless you provide an insurance proof. The reason is, higher the value, greater is the risk. Hence, prefer a storage unit to store them only if it provides high security. Electronic items like refrigerator, heaters, generators, ovens, freezers should be plugged off.

Before you pack your home or office, if you have any queries on the items to be packed, it would be better to reach out to the self storage management directly. The only concern, the management seeks for providing restrictions is security.

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