Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tips To Choose A Self Storage

Choosing a self storage will be a resistless task, especially when you are not much familiar of all the options available to the tenants at a self storage. The below are a few of the tips which help you to become familiar on a self storage.

Tips for tenants choosing a self storage:

1. Firstly, make a list of items which you are planning to keep

2. Decide how long you are going to keep your things in the self storage unit. Usually, the units offer discounts to the tenants if they are opting for long term. A few storage units will offer special rates for temporary rentals as well.

3. Calculate how much space you require to keep your belongings. Don't opt for a very large or very small one. You can take the help of the unit persons for this.

4. Make a walk to the self storage unit, where you are going to place your goods. Try to observe how the it is being managed.

5. Make sure that the unit is having good security. Many storage units provide security systems like fencing, surveillance cameras, alarms, guards, police etc.

6. Check the self storage unit and make sure the climatic conditions and temperature suits your belongings.

7. Use some sturdy boxes, markers, durable tapes, polythene sheets for packing your goods. Self storage units also provide packing facilities to their customers of course not for free.

8. Try to use the complete space of the unit which your rent for. Use shelves if possible to manage your space.

9. Use stickers and markers and name your packing. This helps your box to identify easily.

10. Don't over fill or under fill your boxes. Over filling causes bad stacking and under filling might cause distortion of other boxes.

11. Use a paper or pallets as a foundation to keep your boxes, or cover the floor with thick sheet of plastic.

12. Place all the frequently used items collectively and place those items near to the door. This saves your time in future.

13. Use numbers or stickers and note all the things present in a particular box.

14. Try to pack heavy items in smaller cartons.

15. Try to avoid storing food articles. If required pack them properly and store them.

16. Do not store your items in plastic bags, since they capture moisture which leads to growth of fungus.

17. Cover your furniture to protect them from scratches and stains. You can use un used bed sheets or comforters to cover your furniture.

18. Try to place valuable items behind to avoid opportunities to steal.

19. Do not make your goods conjunct. Leave some place for proper airing.

20. Before packing, use wrappers to cover fragile items.

21. Make sure that all your electronic appliances like heater, fridge, and washer are cleaned properly. Slightly open the doors of fridge, washer coolers to avoid odor.

22. You should never place explosives or flammable items inside a self storage.

23. Rub metal items with oil to prevent rust.

24. Take a policy and insure your goods.

25. Make sure that your storage unit is maintained clean to ensure safety.

Check out these tips before you plan your storage.

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