Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Top Reasons Why People Use Self Storage Units

It seems like you can't go anywhere these days without seeing huge blocks of self storage units in every town and city. The reason for this is because self storage has become incredibly popular over the last decade and with space becoming more and more of a problem for most of us, it offers a simple and cost effective solution. What are the most common reasons for people using self storage units however?

Moving house

Moving house is rarely a simple or straightforward process and chances are that you or someone you know has needed somewhere to stay in between moves. Whether it's a couple nights in a hotel, a week or two with friends or short-term rental accommodation, fortunately, there are many options available. The problem is, if you have your own furniture what are you supposed to do with it during this transitional period?

This is a time when many people put their belongings into self storage. Quick, easy and secure, it allows people to move around hassle-free and saves them lugging their furniture around with them wherever they go.


Renovating your home is an exciting, if not messy time. With builders coming and going, holes being drilled, things being torn apart and plenty of painting going on, this leaves furniture at risk of getting damaged. Rather than taking this risk, many people prefer to temporarily store their belongings in self storage. The added benefit of this is that as well as guaranteeing its protection, it also frees up a lot of space which makes it much easier to carry out any home improvements.

Lack of space

With house prices continuing to rise, so many people can't afford to buy a house in the first place let alone upgrade to something bigger. This means that many of us are stuck with a house full of possessions but very little space to keep it in. Self storage units offer valuable relief for those who find themselves in this situation because it means people can store excess furniture and belongings out of sight so they don't have to have a cluttered home.

Business Storage

Self storage isn't just for personal use, a lot of companies use it too. Whether you've had to downsize your office or your business is growing too fast for your premises, having additional space is very handy. Paperwork, desks, chairs, printers and excess stock can all be neatly packed away until it can be used again.

Added security

Items of value are always a bit of a concern because you want to ensure that they don't get stolen. Self storage units are just one of the ways owners can protect their valuables from falling into the wrong hands because of the security involved. As well as being secured with incredibly strong locks, the addition of CCTV and security guards regularly patrolling the area mean that self storage units are very safe and secure.

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