Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pack Your Home Easily To A Self Storage

Self storage is a very convenient and affordable place, if you are planning to save your space at your home, and to make your unused items safe. The most important things you need to focus before moving the items to a self storage are packing and organizing the. Here are a few tips to help you to move your home easily to a storage unit.

Today, many storage facilities are offering packing as a service, but you need to pay for that privilege. If you feel the service costs are not affordable, you need to make some homework to reduce your stress levels. This also makes your unloading job easy. You need to concentrate on packing the things in such a way that you can find your things at a later date easily without unpacking all the items if you just need one.

Packing the Items:

1. Make sure, you order the necessary packaging items like packing boxes, small ward robe boxes, dust covers, gloves, ropes to tie, knife, padlocks, marker, wrappers, sealing tapes etc. Another thing is order more than you estimate, which helps you to pack last minute items easily, and in time.

2. Make a list of items you are going to pack. Categorize them based on usage, utility and security. Decide the items which you want to keep with you or store and which you want to sell, dump or give away to charity. This reduces the effort of storing unnecessary items.

3. Try not to store important documents like passports, birth certificates, school progress reports, bank statements or pass books, any kind of contracts, license, personal photos, phone lists etc. Also, make sure to know about the security that is going to be offered in the self storage before you decide to keep valuables like jewelry.

4. Once you have the list of items you need to store, start packing with the least important items first. These include, unused clothes, ornaments, spare electronic goods, etc. If you concentrate on such things at early days of your packing, it will reduce your stress as you approach the day of moving.

5. Try to use all the items which have empty storage. For example you can use the space in fridge, dishwasher, and dryers to store clothes. Never keep all the valuable items in a single box. Scattering them across the boxes will reduce the risk.

6. Fill the boxes completely to keep them free from collapsing. Never overweight the boxes while packing. This requires more personnel for carrying and moving which increases your cost to move. Try packing heaving items in small boxes for easy lifting.

7. Once you complete your packing use tapes to cover the spaces and to make sure that no item slips from the box. Use marker to number the boxes for count as well as for making the check list. Prepare the check list using the box number and note down the items which are present in each box even it is small while packing. This reduces your task of searching when required.

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