Friday, December 26, 2014

The Items You Can't Put in Self Storage

Whether you're in the process of moving, need somewhere to keep office equipment or simply have more stuff than you know what to do with, renting out a self storage unit is an incredibly simple yet effective solution.

For most of us, the items we decide to store away won't consist of anything more than clothes, furniture, paperwork and old memories. There have been some incredibly unusual items found in self storage over the years however and believe it or not, there are a number things that you simply are not allowed to store in these units.

Stolen items

It might sound obvious but you are not allowed to keep stolen items in self storage. Unless you're a professional thief you are unlikely to ever encounter this dilemma but it has happened many times in the past so if the company you're using becomes suspicious they are likely to investigate further.

Illegal items

Again, it might sound obvious but if it's illegal, you're not allowed to store it. There have been many occasions where self storage units have been used to house drugs so staff have been trained to be extra-vigilant regarding this matter and are always on the look-out. Furthermore, you can guarantee that they won't hesitate to call the police if they think their business is being used to store illegal items.


Although modern storage facilities are incredibly safe when it comes to preventing the risk of fire, fireworks are a big no-no. In 2013, a blast at a fireworks factory in Vietnam killed 21 people and injured another 98 so as a safety precaution you would really struggle to find a facility that will allow you to keep them there.

The same rule applies for gas canisters and other flammable items that could explode and cause potentially disastrous consequences.

Dangerous chemicals

The average person is unlikely to have a vat of sulphuric acid in their house but there are many different companies out there who do use dangerous chemicals on a daily basis and may therefore need somewhere to store it. Although any good self storage company will refuse this item, many of them will do their best to help you find an alternative facility for chemical storage.

Perishable foods or materials

Running a catering company and have more stock than fridge space? By all means keep your tinned foods and non-perishable items in self storage but anything fresh that will go off quickly and give of a bad smell will be turned away.

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