Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Using Self Storage for House Clearance

Family issues

Unfortunately when a loved one passes away, we can be faced with difficult family issues that cause friction and stress during the house clearance process. Sadly many people aren't blessed with the perfect family situation and it's important to consider any option that could make this turbulent time easier. If there are family issues regarding the contents of the house you and your family may want to consider using cheap self storage as a way to keep everything safe while issues are worked out. It's also useful that this form of storage allows all family members access to the same neutral place rather than any one family member keeping the items with them.


As painful as it may be to consider the fact that someone may consider your loved one's house a target, it's something you'll need to think about and quickly. Word travels quickly between criminal networks and you may want to think about moving some items into a self storage unit as a way to minimize the chance of a break in. This is particularly relevant when you're dealing with a lot of items within a house that need selling or giving to people named in the will. As much as we want to take everything home with us, the majority of people simply don't have the room to do this, and so self storage is a great way to keep these items safe without constantly safeguarding the property.


If an estate is going to be split between beneficiaries the solicitor will more than likely suggest the house is sold as quickly as possible for practical reasons. In this instance you may find you're in a position where you need to decorate or renovate the property, in which case it will need to be emptied. Using self storage units will enable you to store the contents of the property cheaply while you carry out this work.


There may be a lot to sort out in the way of documentation, photos and other paperwork not to mention clothes, electrical items and furniture. At first you will be dealing with the direct grief of the loss, however, further down the line you will inevitably need to go back to work and take on day to day responsibilities. It can be incredibly hard finding the time to sort through the contents of the property and this can be even more stressful if the house needs to be sold imminently. Using self-storage as a way to clear the property and enable you and your family members to sort through everything in your own time, which is beneficial practically and emotionally.

Legal issues

There may be legal complications relating to the estate of your loved one and you may find the house needs to be sold much faster than you would like. In this instance you'll want to think about storing the contents of the property somewhere safe and secure until these legal issues are sorted out and you can start to deal with the items from the property.

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