Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Tips for Storing Clothes in Self Storage

When it starts to seem impossible to close your wardrobe doors, you know that you need help urgently. A self storage unit is probably one of the best choices for you due to its flexibility and accessibility. However, storing clothes in self storage units require some care to prevent them from being damaged by environmental factors such as moisture and humidity. You want to retrieve your clothes that are in the same condition as when you first stored them, don't you?

Donate away unwanted clothes first

Since you pay for what you use, you only want to store things that you actually use. Rummage through your pile of clothes and donate away those that you haven't worn for a year. Chances are that you will never wear them again. After eliminating a large chunk of your apparel, you can now plan better.

Wash clothes prior to storage

One important point to note is that never store dirty soiled clothes in self storage units. Stains will become harder to remove the longer they are on the fabric and bacteria can multiply at a fast rate, leading to unpleasant odour in the unit. It is also an invitation for pests such as cockroaches and lizards who are attracted by the odour. Also, do not try to starch your formal wear prior to storage. Starching will attract moths which will eventually eat your fabric, causing holes.

Do not use airtight bags

Airtight bags seem to be the best way to store clothes due to the ability to compress and reduce the storage space required. However, airtight bags do not allow the exchange of moisture and this can cause moisture to retain inside, causing mould to grow rapidly. Overtime, your clothes will be damaged and rendered un-wearable. Instead, consider using normal bags with desiccant gels placed strategically around.

Check the clothes once every 6 months

You should make it a habit to check your clothes once every 6 months to ensure that they are still in good condition. If you spot any mould growing, you can still salvage the situation by sending them for professional cleaning.

Use plastic hangers instead of metal ones

Using plastic hangers will prevent any rust from staining your fabric. Rust stains are difficult to remove and can damage the fibres. Plastic hangers can also last longer than metallic ones although they are unable to take as much load as the latter.

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