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Sizing Up Self Storage Sizes

Many inquiries to self storage facilities are about the size units available for rent. Most of the time the people inquiring about units do not really know what is the best size for them to rent. Self storage units can be divided into three different sizes: small, medium, and large. A simple guideline for different sized units and what can be stored in them is needed.


Small units range from 25 square feet to 70 square feet. This would include the following size units: 5'x5', 5'x7', 5'x10'and 7'x10' (and other similar size combinations). They are about the size of closet spaces in your home.

  • 5'x5' and 5'x7' are about the size of an average closet. This size is ideal for boxes and seasonal items.
  • 5'x10' and 7'x10' are a walk-in closet size and will hold the furnishings of a one bedroom house or apartment.


Medium units range from 100 square feet to 150 square feet. This would include the following: 10'x10', 10'x12', and 10'x15' (and other similar combinations). They are about the size of one and two car garages.

  • 10'x10' and 10'x12' are a small bedroom and will hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment.
  • 10'x15' is an average bedroom and will hold a 2 - 3 bedroom house or apartment. A small sports car can also be stored in this size.


Large sizes range from 200 square feet to 300+ square feet. This would include the following: 10'x20', 12'x20', 10'x30' (and other similar combinations).

  • 10'x20' and 12'x20' are about a one car garage and would hold the contents of a 3 - 4 bedroom house or one car or boat.
  • 10'x 30' about a two car garage and will hold contents of a 5 bedroom house.


When deciding what size unit to rent, also consider the following factors:

  • How high is the ceiling? Boxes can be stacked and sturdy pieces of furniture may be stored on end.

  • Are you storing a boat? Measure the trailer at its widest point and double check its length. Measure the entrance to the self storage unit for width clearance and the length of the unit to make sure the trailer will fit comfortably.

  • How often will you be visiting your unit? If you will be removing items or adding items, consider leaving a pathway for easy access to the items you will need.

The majority of self-storage facilities have a mix of different sized storage units that range from small sized to medium sized to large sized. Picking out the best sized unit for your needs can be daunting but by using the above guidelines can help you choose the correct sized unit you need. And remember, if you still have questions, a knowledgeable self storage facility owner or manager can help you choose the best size storage unit for you.

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