Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 Handy Tips for Self Storage

Self storage is an excellent tool to store all of your excess items which would otherwise take up lots of space at your home or office. As its name suggests, you are responsible for the storage including preparing for the move, deciding on the size of the unit and deciding how best the layout would be. You are also able to access your items on a 24/7 basis, making it extremely flexible. Here are some handy tips for you to make your storage experience even more fun.

Protective wraps

Have you ever realised that most items are wrapped up in a transparent wrap when they are shipped to you? These are actually protective shrink wraps which hold the items in place and prevent any movement, reducing the chances of your items being damaged. Some people also choose to use bubble wraps which have a layer of air acting as a cushion to protect your delicate items.

Store wooden furniture on pallets

Wooden furniture is extremely sensitive to moisture as it can damage the wood fibres and introduce termites to digest away them. One simple tip that might come in handy is to place wooden furniture on plastic pallets while storing them. Sturdy plastic pallets are able to take the weight of the furniture while keeping them nice and dry.

Remove any fluids prior to storage

One mistake many people make is forgetting to drain fluids before storing items from tools such as motors for garden tools and electric tools. Fluids will accelerate the corrosion rate and damage sensitive parts of the equipment, rendering it useless.

Dismantle furniture

For easy packing, moving and storing, you should always remember to dismantle furniture that are large, bulky or odd-shaped. Large furniture will often not fit in nicely in storage spaces, resulting in lots of excess space that cannot be well utilised to store more things. By dismantling furniture, you are freeing up space to store more things.

Label the boxes

Labelling is definitely one of the most important steps you should never forget. Labelling helps not only yourself but others who are in direct contact with your item. You are effectively telling them how to handle your box and what are the safety precautions they need to know.

Above are 5 handy tips that I hope can help you out when you are using self storage for your needs. Keeping it simple will help to eliminate a lot of problems in your storage journey.

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