Friday, April 18, 2014

Self Storage Facilities: 4 Important Issues to Take Note Before Rental

So after much consideration and deliberation, you have finally decided to use self storage for your storage needs. Bear in mind, this is only the start and you still have lots of homework to do before you can start storing. In this article, we will be talking about some important issues you have to take note before renting a self storage unit.

Make a list of things to store

Similar to making a list of things to buy when you go grocery shopping, you should make a list of things to store before renting. This is a difficult step that requires you to look through your existing items and deciding which items should be stored in the storage unit. This will allow you to decide on the size of the storage unit you should rent, duration of the lease as well as the financial budget required.

Price differs

Another issue is with regards to the rental rates. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is true to a large extent for self storage units. Some storage units offer a low rate that is extremely tempting. However, there will always be a catch in the form of inferior security measures, dirty units and so on. But this does not mean that the expensive ones are necessary better. Therefore, you should always visit a few storage companies and request to view the units in order to get a clearer picture.

Do you need a special unit?

Self storage units are basically divided into 2 types - the normal ones and the climate controlled ones. Obviously, the climate controlled units will be much more expensive to rent. Look through the list of things to store and see whether the items require special attention. Some examples would be electronics and art pieces which are susceptible to moisture and temperature.

How long to store for?

Ultimately, you should have rough idea how long you intend to rent the unit for. Usually, renting long term will allow you to negotiate for better rates as compared to a short term one. If you do not plan properly, you will end up renting long term but paying a high premium than others.

The 4 important issues mentioned above are critical in ensuring a smooth and happy storage experience with the provider. Do not neglect it and you will soon be on your way to an unforgettable experience.

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