Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Organize To Get the Most of Your Storage Space?

Every single spot in your room or office can be organised to maximise storage space. Organization can be as easy as throwing away unused items to de-clutter the space. It can also be as difficult as rearranging everything to fit into corners better. No matter what and how, there is always a way out. So how do we exactly organise to maximise storage space?

Making a list

Before you can start to organize, you need to know what and how to organize. Always make a list of everything that you have, what you need on a constant basis and what you hardly need. Those that you hardly need can be further separated into things to keep and things to throw or donate. This way, you can exactly know what is going to happen and it's akin to studying for an exam instead of doing a last minute revision.

Deciding what goes where

You need to know what things go where. You should always keep things that are frequently used in a place close to you and those which are hardly used further away. Stationery should be placed in the first compartment of the drawer as it is usually the shallowest. Using other compartments which are deeper will cause you to waste storage space which can be used for other things. Documents should be kept in a document holder which has divided sections meant for bills and other paperwork. Try to maximise the space around you. For example, the wall above your work desk can be used to install shelves to keep books. This will free up the need for a dedicated book shelf which is huge and bulky.

Be practical

People nowadays spend large sums of money to engage interior designers to beautify their homes. While the end result may be jaw dropping, it is often impractical. The furnishing used is frequently unique and oddly shaped. This will take up lots of empty space which means that your storage space is now significantly reduced. Forget about gothic architecture and move back to the clean sleek lines of modern architecture.

The main point is to be practical and have a good plan on what to do. Most of the time, storage space can be easily maximised by rearranging items and shifting furniture around to fit into corners better. As the saying goes, simplicity is beauty and less is more. Simply follow the 3 steps mentioned above and you are on your way to maximising your storage space.

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