Thursday, February 12, 2015

Interesting Facts About Self Storage

Chances are that you or someone you know has used self storage at some point because although it's still a relatively new concept, it certainly has taken off all around the world. Below are just a few interesting facts about the industry and some of the most common reasons people choose to store their valuables.

The history of self storage

Self storage was first introduced in America in the 1960s. 55 years later it is estimated that there are more than 53,000 facilities across the country. The concept didn't move over to Britain until the 1980s but in that short space of time there are now more than 800 facilities across the country which equates to an incredible 29.6 million square feet of storage space.

Why do so many businesses use self storage facilities?

More and more companies across the world are choosing to use self storage facilities but why exactly is this? The top reasons include because they don't have enough room at their premises for excess stock, they need somewhere to store office equipment that isn't currently being used and because they're moving offices so need somewhere to store everything in between moves. Additionally to this, many Internet-based businesses choose to run their business from self storage units or wish to use them as a distribution point.

Who uses self storage?

Stealing the top position by just 1% is businesses. Approximately 36% of all self storage users are companies with home movers just behind with 35%. 11% of people using these facilities are those who wish to declutter their homes, 10% are home owners who are currently renovating their property and 4% are students who simply don't have the space for all their belongings in their accommodation.

How long do people store their stuff for?

Interestingly, over the years the length of time people are storing their belongings for is increasing. In 2007 the average time was 22 weeks, by 2009 this had increased to 32 weeks, in 2011 it was 37 weeks and now it's a whopping 41 weeks. This no doubt has something to do with the fact that as house prices have increased excess space is not something people have a lot of anymore.

In some parts of the country self storage has become so popular that it's almost taking over the number of people who live their. In Edinburgh for example, there is 442,000 square feet of storage facilities versus 450,000 people. In London there is 8.5 million square feet compare to 8.3 million people.

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