Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tips in Maintaining Leather Products Due for Storage

Leather can last you for a lifetime if you store and maintain it well enough. When you purchase leather products, treat them as if they were your automobile. When stored properly, you will be amazed by how they function and look even years after you first purchase them. Here are some tips to help you out!

Acid free stuffing paper

When you are storing leather products such as shoes and shirts, you will definitely need paper to retain their shape. However, acid paper will attack the leather and cause damage to them. Use acid free stuffing paper when you need to stuff leather products!

Hang leather clothes

When you are storing leather clothes, hang them instead of folding them to prevent creases. Creases over time will add stress to the leather and cause them to crack. Also, use sturdy wooden hangers instead of plastic ones when you are hanging leather clothes. Plastic hangers are subjected to a plastic deformation called creep and this will cause the leather to be destroyed due to the heavy weight of the garment.

Leather moisturizer

Prior to storage, you should apply generous amounts of leather moisturiser or conditioners onto the leather products. These moisturisers commonly contain natural substances such as coconut oil, lanolin and beeswax. These will ensure that your leather products are properly hydrated and protected against moisture and dirt.

Use a well ventilated container

You should always store leather items in a breathable container. Using an air tight container will cause all the moisture to accumulate and eventually damage your leather product. A breathable container allows for the frequent exchange of air, keeping your product fresh and odour-free.

Keep away from sunlight

Sunlight is the greatest enemy of leather. Sunlight will dry up the fibres inside leather and cause it to be dehydrated and crack. Sunlight will also cause discolouration of leather. So always remember to store it somewhere dark and cool.

Place a dehumidifier nearby

Placing a good dehumidifier nearby in the storage area will absorb excessive moisture and prevent it from damaging your stored items. Moisture is essential to prevent cracking but too much of it will damage your things instead. A good dehumidifier doesn't cause much but it will be a saviour to your leather items.

It is not difficult to store leather products if you follow the tips listed above. Storing it properly will ensure that your leather goods will serve you well for a long time. After all, leather products are meant to last a lifetime.

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