Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Top 10 Reasons People Use Self Storage

Self storage has become a big business over the last few years with more and more of us turning to it in times of need. Exactly what are people using it for however? Below is a list of the top 10 reasons why people are using these facilities.

10) Retirement - it's very common for people to downsize once they hit retirement. Although the cheaper living costs are a big bonus of this, the lack of space might not be. For this reason many people choose to store excess furniture or sentimental items away for a rainy day.

9) Divorce - sadly, divorce is affecting more and more people across the country. Many of those in this situation may find themselves moving to a smaller home as they don't require as much space anymore or renting somewhere temporarily until they find something more permanent. Either way, space can become an issue which is why many turn to self storage for those bits of furniture that they just don't want to throw away.

8) Business use - a huge amount of companies are opting to use self storage facilities to store excess stock, furniture that isn't being used and even to run their business from.

7) Frequent travelling - those who travel frequently may not have a permanent home and therefore require somewhere to store important belongings so they don't have to lug it around with them everywhere. Additionally, those who are away from home a lot may worry about the security of valuable items so choose to store them away somewhere safe.

6) Winter storage - boats, motorbikes and classic cars are frequently stored away over the winter months when their owners can't use them.

5) Hobby/sports equipment - similarly to the reason above, some people have seasonal hobbies that require a lot of equipment but they don't want it taking up valuable room in the house when it's not being used for months on end.

4) De-cluttering - every once in a while it's nice to do a good old spring clean. Whilst we may have the best intentions when it comes to de-cluttering, there are some things that are just too difficult to throw away. For this reason many people choose to keep it stored away so it's not cluttering the house but they can still access it whenever they want.

3) Downsizing - the third most common reason people use self storage is because they need somewhere to keep furniture and other household items after downsizing.

2) Moving home - coming in at number two is moving home. Anyone who has ever done it will know how stressful the process can be and that it rarely goes according to plan. Many find themselves in the situation where they have to be out of their current home but their new place isn't ready yet. Staying with friends and family or in temporary accommodation is a life-saver but it's virtually impossible to take all of our furniture with us so many opt to put it in storage.

1) Need more space - the most common reason why people need self storage is because they don't have enough space. With house prices sky high at the moment this comes as no surprise as people can no longer afford big homes that are blessed with plenty of storage space.

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